10 Public Libraries in Karachi: Timings & Details

libraries in Karachi

Whether you are a reading enthusiast or someone who wants to start a habit of reading, libraries can greatly help you set the mood and motivate yourself. 

Libraries not only offer a calming atmosphere but also introduce you to subjects and books you never thought about. 

If you are a resident of Karachi, we have a list of 10 popular public libraries in Karachi for you. We have added their membership, contact information, and timings so you can easily decide which is the best for you. 

Libraries in Karachi 

Below we have compiled a list of public libraries in Karachi with their membership, contact information, and timings. 

We have added public libraries which are popular in Karachi and are famous for their book collection and peaceful space.

  1. Street Library
  2. DHA Central Library 
  3. VM Library – Study Center by ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust
  4. British Council Karachi Library
  5. Hasrat Mohani Memorial Library & Hall Trust
  6. Taimuria Library
  7. Jamia Darul Uloom Library
  8. Ghalib Library
  9. Liaquat Memorial Library
  10. Frere Hall Library

Now let’s explore each of the above-mentioned libraries in detail: 

1. Street Library 

Street Library Karachi

The Street Library in Karachi offers an opportunity for everyone to read and gain more knowledge. The library has hundreds of books which people can choose from, and read on the nearby benches. 

The best part is that you don’t need to go through any formalities or memberships. You can come and read anytime. To keep the books secured, there is also a security guard nearby. If you want to take a book home, simply leave a book of your own and take the one you want. 

Membership: Free

Timings:  24 hours

Address: Civil Lines, 242 Fatima Jinnah Rd, Karachi

2. DHA Central Library 

DHA Central Library Karachi

Founded in1991, the DHA Central Library offers a peaceful venue to readers across Karachi. Not only DHA residents but people from outside the area can become members. The library has a children’s section, audio-visual facilities, internet, and access to the HEC (Higher Education Commission) digital library. 

The library is well organized and maintained with digital inventory to keep an easy-to-access record of each book. 

Membership: Registration charges vary from PKR 200 to PKR 1500 (Pakistani citizens) and membership charges vary from PKR 200 to PKR 1000. 

Address: DHA, Phase II, Sunset Boulevard, Karachi 

Contact Number: 021-35888859

Email: info@dclkarachi.com

3. VM Library – Study Center by ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust

VM Library - Study Center by ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust Karachi

The VM Library has over 7000 books covering books in Urdu, English, Gujarati, etc. One can read newspapers and multiple monthly and weekly magazines in the reading room. 

Students studying Engineering, Medicine, Accounts, Home Economics, Computer Services, Art and Crafts, etc can study here and benefit from the book collection. If you want to borrow any book, you will have to deposit caution money against the book. 

Membership: Free


  • Mon-Thu: 9 am to 7:30 pm  (1 pm to 2 pm break)
  • Fri: 9 am to 7:30 pm  (1 pm to 3 pm break)
  • Sun: closed 

Address: Dhoraji Colony, ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust, Karachi. 

Contact Number: 021-34935168, 021-34938146 

Email: zvmgrcc@yahoo.com

4. British Council Karachi Library

British Council Karachi Library

The British Council Library in Karachi offers a safe, peaceful, and inspiring workspace to students. There are thousands of books to read, a cafe to relax, workstations and study rooms and internet facilities. 


There are various membership plans for adults above the age of 18. The plans vary from PKR 3500 to PKR 15,000 per year. 


  • Tue-Sat: 10 am to 5 pm
  • Sun-Mon: Closed 

Address: Shahrah-e-Iran, British Deputy High Commission, Block 5 Clifton, Karachi

Contact Number: 0800-220-00

Email: libraries@britishcouncil.org.pk

5. Hasrat Mohani Memorial Library & Hall Trust

Hasrat Mohani Memorial Library & Hall Trust Karachi

The Hasrat Mohani Memorial Library holds 10,000 books and offers all of its services for free. The library was built to honor the late Maulana Hasrat Mohani. 

The library today offers learning opportunities to scholars, researchers, and students. 

Membership:  Free of Cost

Timings: 5 pm to 8 pm

Address:  North Nazimabad, Block A, ST-9/C, Karachi 

Contact Number: 021-36638531, 0300-3725527

6. Taimuria Library

Taimuria Library Karachi

The Taimuri LIbrary was established in the 80s and has newspapers and archival sections from that time. The place is well lit and has plenty of windows keeping the place cool. There is a separate women’s section as well. 

The library is open to everyone and offers a peaceful venue to work and study. 


  • Mon-Fri: 9 am to 7 pm
  • Sat-Sun: Closed 

Address: North Nazimabad Town, Block L, Shahra-e-Sher Shah Suri, Karachi

Contact Number: 0333-4432962 

7. Jamia Darul Uloom Library

Jamia Darul Uloom Library Karachi

The Jamia Darul Uloom Library in Karachi has a massive collection of books, especially from Islamic literature. The library has 3 floors and is well maintained and organized to give you the peace of mind you need while reading. 


  • Mon-Sun: 9 am to 11 pm (2:30 pm to 7:30 pm break)
  • Fri: Closed

Address: Sector 28, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi

Contact Number: 021-35049774

8. Ghalib Library 

Ghalib Library Karachi

Founded in 1971 by Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Mirza Zafar ul Hasan. The library is run by IYG (Idara-e-Yadgar-e-Ghalib) and is a two-storey building.  

It holds editions and letters of famous personalities including Sibte Hassan, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Josh Maleehabadi, Ralph Russell, and others.

The Ghalib library has more than 30,000 books and offers a quiet place to students and reading enthusiasts. 

Membership: Free of Cost


  • Mon-Sat: 4:30 pm to 7 pm
  • Sun: Closed

Address: Nazimabad, Block 2, Karachi

Contact Number: 021-36686998

9. Liaquat Memorial Library

Liaquat Memorial Library Karachi

Founded in the memory of the late Liaquat Ali Khan and his services, the Liaquat Memorial Library holds multiple rare books and newspapers dating back to 1954. 

The library has a separate reading room for CSS students and female students along with telephone and printing service. 

Membership: Free of Cost


  • Mon-Sat: 9 am to 9 pm 
  • Sun: Closed

Address: Stadium Road, Liaquat Memorial Library, Karachi

Contact Number: 021-9230116, 021- 9230117

10 Frere Hall Library

Frere Hall Library Karachi

The Frere Hall was established in the British era in the memory of Sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere. The library has many rare books which are not found in any other library in Pakistan. 

The library holds books in Urdu and English literature, science, politics, history, arts, culture, economics etc. 


  • Mon-Fri: 9 am to 5 pm (12:30 pm to 2:30 pm break on Friday)
  • Sat-Sun: Closed 

Address: Fatima Jinnah Rd,  Saddar Civil Lines, Frere Hall, Karachi

Contact Number: 021-99204325

Take a Look, it’s in a Book! 

Karachi, the city of lights holds multiple libraries which treasure rare and historic books. These libraries are not only places to read, but also to remember the past. They remind us of how much our ancestors valued books. 

We recommend you check out all of the above libraries in Karachi, as each of them has a unique story and an unforgettable past! 

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