Women Live Longer than Men in Pakistan – Pak Demographic Survey

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  • Women have higher life expectancy than men
  • Average life expectancy 64.5 years for men 
  • Average life expectancy 65.5 years for women
  • Females also have lower death rates for most ages

According to the Pakistan Demographic Survey (PDS) 2020 released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), females live longer in Pakistan than men. 

Men vs Women – Life Expectancy in Pakistan

The average life expectancy is 64.5 years for men and 65.5 years for women.

Life expectancy is the average number of years that a person is expected to live. 

Females also have lower death rates for most ages compared to males.

The mortality of men aged 25-29 is high due to increased risky behavior and subsequent accidental deaths. 

Life Expectancy at Birth

The probability of death between birth to 1st birthday is 59 in rural areas and 50 in urban areas. 

Male Infant Mortality Rate is 58 while it’s 55 for female Infants. 

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