LinkedIn Launches Initial Rollout of its New ‘Funny’ Reaction

LinkedIn Launches Initial Rollout of its New Funny Reaction

LinkedIn has started to roll out the most awaited laugh reaction feature for users across the globe.

The popular social platform LinkedIn has been releasing a plethora of new features to its platform lately in order to enhance user engagement. Concerning this, it has also launched the most-awaited feature of emoticon reactions. Yes, it now offers a ‘Funny’ reaction along with the six other emoji reaction options on its posts. 

LinkedIn Launches Initial Rollout of its New Funny Reaction

I understand that the reaction of “funny” may appear odd initially because it does not seem to match a social network as serious and professional as Linkedin. Interestingly, according to the platform’s Product Director, Tomer Cohen, via an update report from his team, the “funny” reaction is really a relevant request from community users.

He said:

“One of the top requests we got was for a laughing emoji reaction. We hear you loud & clear and we agree. Humor is indeed a serious business. “

The inclusion of the laughing emoji in the reaction family allows users to maintain a professional social network in a lighter and less cluttered manner, while also bringing a touch of fun to their daily lives. You can easily express fun and humor in the linked posts. However, as this is the first phase of the rollout of the new feature so the accessibility for everyone might need some time. LinkedIn holds around 810 million user base around the world, so the new feature will certainly take time to reach every country precisely. 

Has the update rolled out in your area yet? If so, let us know in the comment section what you think about it.

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