A Complete List of Leading E-Commerce Stores in Pakistan

e-commerce stores in Pakistan

There is a high competition among various e-commerce platforms in Pakistan. Today’s market is digitizing and we see millions of potential buyers visiting e-commerce platforms for a convenient shopping experience. In the competitive online market, different leaders are striving to prove themselves as the best in the market. 

Leading E-Commerce Stores in Pakistan

There are a lot of e-commerce stores in Pakistan storming their way into the market. Some of the leading platforms are listed here.

  1. Daraz
  2. Kaymu
  3. Shophive
  4. Homeshopping
  5. Yayvo
  6. Pandamart
  7. PakWheels
  8. Mega
  9. Symbios
  10. iShopping


Daraz is a mall, a marketplace, and a community. It is one of the leading marketplaces in South Asia. It is an e-commerce platform that empowers sellers to connect with buyers. It has a wide range of products under more than 100 categories. They sell approximately 10 million products. From this, we can have an idea of the numerous sellers that are registered with Daraz and earning a handsome amount. 

Previously, Daraz has been partnered with authentic and professional courier services for delivery to their esteemed customers. There is an estimated delivery of 2 million packages every month to all parts of the country. To overcome the logistics challenge, Daraz has now built its own logistics company under the name ‘Daraz Express (DEX)’ to raise its standard in the market. 

Daraz has also established a university for entrepreneurs to teach them the selling operations and every month it has 5000 new sellers who register with them. The website is well-built, having the biggest variety of products available at a wide price range. Daraz mobile app is also available for ease of purchase for customers. It also features a range of discounts on its products to promote sales.


Kaymu, an e-commerce platform acquired by Daraz, is also one of the leading online stores in Pakistan. It is a great platform for a number of sellers to digitize their business. The platform offers the best marketing strategies for the products by promoting them across multiple promotional channels. 

The website has been designed for ease of access for all customers. Kaymu provides a 24/7 online shopping experience having a vigilant team that answers any of the queries. They have a wide collection of the latest products which are easily accessible on the website. Kaymu ensures the credibility of prices for all products sold by sellers. They have a safe payment system integrated with the platform and guarantee 3-5 days delivery of any product. Currently, the platform has over 12000 listings having 150,000 visitors each day. 


Another leading e-commerce store in Pakistan, Shophive is a useful website for the purchase of laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras, computers, home appliances, office products, and a lot more. The store provides high-quality products at a handsome price with immaculate after-sale services. 

Shophive ensures fast product delivery with 7 days replacement policy. The platform is an online retailer for both national and internal products. An important feature of this website suitable for its customer is the installment plan for any product available in the store. This feature is only available for customers who are living in Lahore. 


Another pioneer in the e-commerce industry, Homeshopping is an expert in providing exceptional quality products under a single roof. They have countless products listed on the website having the best and comparable prices to the market. The products listed are all from a reliable brand to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction. 

Homeshopping is well-known among the masses for its amazing services. It is not only limited to the major cities of Pakistan but offers delivery to every corner. This platform is also well-known for its monthly installment program that is currently limited to Karachi and Lahore. Shoppers can enjoy a secure online shopping experience with them at the ease of home. The blog section of the website provides updates on all the price cuts, new arrivals, store updates, and much more. 


Yayvo is an online shopping destination of choice with an assortment of leading brands covering a wide range of products. The platform offers products in the categories including mobile phones, beauty products, and other lifestyle options.

It is an online shopping destination for quite a large audience to shop with ease and choose from an infinite range. They have a product listing of more than 200,000 and covers something for everyone. Along with this, Yayvo also offers tickets to first-class entertainment in Pakistan. 


Foodpanda has its own online shop with a name Pandamart that mainly deals in grocery, everyday essentials, and a massive selection of other products. This online store strives to maintain the best customer service by delivering the orders within 30 minutes. 

Pandamart has a range of products from reliable brands. They have hired riders personally for this purpose to deliver products without any delay. The platform has over 20,000 items listed online, buyers have the option to choose a grocery store of their own choice. Order from Pandamart and have them delivered in a flash. 


PakWheels is one of the leading e-commerce platforms that are in the best interest of car shoppers and sellers in Pakistan. It aggregates numerous cars, both used and unused, from thousands of dealers and private sellers. The platform provides its users with automotive reviews, useful advice related to automotive, and features comparison tools for ease of buyers. 

The website has approximately 45000 new listings per month and receives a large pool of audience. It is also a community for over 250,000 registered members on its online community for automobile enthusiasts. It has a blog section that covers authentic content on a regular basis. 


Mega is also one of the leading e-commerce platforms that deals in delivering the best online shopping experience in Pakistan. The store deals majorly in electronic devices like:

  • Laptops
  • Mobiles
  • Tablets
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Accessories 

It is considered the best shopping portal that ensures the quality and genuineness of the products they sell. The prices of all products are comparable to the market. 


Symbios is yet another e-commerce industry for quite some time now. The retailer is best known for selling Chinese gadgets and accessories along with a decent selection of other products. For the search of unique gadgets in Pakistan, this is a great platform. They deliver everything to your doorstep safe and sound. Their excellent customer service has built trust in clients over a period of time. 


iShopping is a trusted and most visited website for online shopping. Buyers mostly visit the website for computing and electronic products. It is a reliable e-commerce store for genuine products. 

The major category includes:

  • Entertainment
  • Smartphones
  • Accessories
  • Computers
  • Perfumes
  • Watches

The shipping partner of iShopping is a trustworthy TCS. The store offers a fair replacement policy as well.

To Conclude

These platforms are among the top listed in the e-commerce industry. All websites cover a wide range of products. Apart from these platforms, there are many others marking their way in the competitive marketplace.