Living Cost in Pakistan for Major Cities 2024 – Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi

Living Cost in Pakistan for Major Cities 2024 – Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi

If you are thinking of shifting to Pakistan, the living cost is an important factor to consider. From rent to taxes, & bills to food, there are multiple costs involved. To help you better plan your visit, here is our detailed breakdown of the living costs across major cities. 

But first, lets try to understand what the living cost entails!

What is meant by Living Cost?

According to Investopedia, the living cost includes basic expenses necessary to sustain life in a particular place at a particular time period. These include housing, food, taxes, healthcare, etc. This amount is used to understand how expensive it is to live in a city and how it compares to other places.

Places with higher living costs are deemed more expensive than others, and many prefer to relocate to places with lower costs of living.  Considering real estate agencies in Islamabad will help you know the latest rates.

Living Cost in Pakistan – Expenses in Major Cities

According to a 2024 report by the Asian Development Bank, Pakistan has the highest living costs in Asia. Rising inflation and poor economic growth are factors responsible for this. While the costs to sustain life in Pakistan are alarming, they are still not that expensive compared to other major cities in popular countries like New York, London, Paris, etc.   

When it comes to the cost of living in Pakistan, we will only consider the three major cities: Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. 

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Islamabad has an estimated population of 10,090,00, Karachi has 14,884,000, and Lahore has 13,00,000. The high population means more advancements, more job opportunities, better health care, and better education. 

These three are the cities people mostly wish to stay in and below is a breakdown of living costs in each. 

#Cost of living in IslamabadCost of living in LahoreCost of living in Karachi
Rent (one bedroom)Starting from ₨.9,000Starting from ₨.7,000Starting from ₨.15,000 
Food (one person)10k onwards10k onwards10k onwards
Bills (one person)5k onwards5k onwards5k onwards
Total24k + other charges 22k + other charges 30k + other charges 

You can check details of rent for rooms, flats, and houses on Food, rent, and bills are not extremely different in the major cities. However, the costs will vary significantly depending on whether you choose an elite area or a more economical location. 

Taxes on Salaries & Goods

Taxes are another important part of the monthly and yearly budget of each individual in Pakistan. With increased taxes over the years, the cost of living has greatly increased in the country.

As per the 2024-25 budget, the salaried class with a yearly income exceeding six lacs will have to pay income taxes. Along with income taxes, citizens will also pay taxes on the purchase of all kinds of goods, including mobiles, automobiles, clothing, etc. You can explore taxes in detail on Dawn 

Other Expenses – Transport, Health, Clothing & More

Transportation is a major expense to consider within the country. From daily travel to work, school, or other important places, it is an essential part of everyone’s budget. Fuel prices pay a significant role when it comes to transportation costs. Currently, the petrol prices are at Rs.268/liter & diesel at Rs. 270/liter (as of 14th June). Therefore, whether you own a car, bike or take local transportation, you need to keep these in mind. 

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Apart from the above, you need to keep aside some amount for clothing, entertainment, and other miscellaneous expenses as well. Pakistan is blessed with all four seasons; therefore, based on the climate of the specific city you are living in, you need to purchase appropriate clothing and items like blankets for winter or install fans or ACs in the summer. 

Other expenses like toiletries, cleaning equipment, and cost of house help and maintenance should also be considered. 


So that was a brief overview of the living cost in pakistan. We have covered major cities in the country, including Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. The minimum expenses per person are 22k onwards, and these only include food, bills, and rent. 
The cost increases and decreases significantly based on where you are located within these cities. We encourage you to consider the detailed cost of living in Pakistan before making any decisions. For more content like this, consider visiting BlogPakistan

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