Maya Health – A New Service to Facilitate Users for Health Care Needs

maya health by jazzcash

Maya Health – A Platform to connect its users with certified health professionals. 

Maya Health is a new and innovative step taken by JazzCash to provide for its users a complete digital health care service. Through this service users can avail the following features:

  • Free consultations
  • E-prescriptions
  • Health packages 
  • Doctors on call

If you wish to get instant advice for minor symptoms, you can connect with Health Bot or if the symptoms are complex, get online consultancy or e-prescriptions from doctors within 15 minutes. The application promotes special services for pregnant women and people going through mental health issues. Such individuals can avail online mental health therapy at the ease of their homes and at affordable rates by JazzCash Maya Telehealth. 

How to Access the Maya Application?

Maya Health can be accessed through the JazzCash application by logging into the app and selecting the Maya icon shown in the other services category in the app drawer. 

How to Ask a Question on Maya Health?

Users can ask a question on Maya by first clicking on the My Questions icon and then clicking Ask Question where the users would be able to ask any questions for their health care needs. 

There are an array of questions that can be asked on Maya including doctor’s diagnosis related to the patient symptoms, definitions of medical terminologies, and causes of various medical diseases to name a few types.

Buy a Package

Users can buy packages on Maya by clicking on the Buy Packages option from the Maya Homepage. Different packages such as Daily, Weekly, and Monthly have different prices and users can subscribe to any package as per their requirement.

Each subscription package for Maya has 5 features for its users:

  1. Consultancies
  2. Prescriptions according to patient requirements
  3. Upload documents
  4. Doctor follow-up calls
  5. Answering questions within 15 minutes.

Maya Health enables its new users to enjoy five free questions that can be asked to Maya’s healthcare professionals. However, after the questions limit has been reached, users would have to buy a package to continue asking healthcare questions. All the doctors registered on Maya PMC certified professionals in their respective fields of medicine. 

Users can take full advantage of the Search feature of Maya shown as the search icon located on the Maya Homepage. They can search for any type of disease or medical term and users would be able to see questions and answers relevant to their search. 

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