McDonald’s vs. KFC in Pakistan: Which Fast Food Chain Wins the Battle?

McDonald's vs KFC in Pakistan

To all the food fans out there who love KFC  and McDonald’s, here is a review you never thought you needed. 

From taste to quality and from menu to ambiance, we will survey both fast-food chains to see which is better. 

Read till the end to see if your favorite chain has won the spot! 

McDonald’s vs. KFC in Pakistan – Comparison

Below are some factors on the basis of which we will draw a comparison between McDonald’s and KFC.

#McDonald’s KFC
Quality WinsLoses
Quantity LosesWins
Ambiance TieTie

Now we will dive a little deeper and explain each factor and its reasons, one by one. 

1. Which has Better Taste? 

Food ItemMcDonald’s KFC
Fried Chicken LosesWins 
Fries WinsLoses
Chicken Burgers LosesWins
Desserts  Wins Loses 

While the answer varies based on your taste preference, KFC burgers are more towards the desi side. 

The burgers are larger and more flavorful, while the Mcdonald’s burgers are lighter and smaller but have unique tastes. 

KFC thrives on its unique crispy chicken taste, and a similar taste is seen in their burgers, with that tender and juicy chicken. 

On the other hand, Mcdonald’s has a larger variety of patties, with even beef & fish burgers available. 

Fried Chicken is KFCs biggest strength, known for its crispy, juicy, and tender taste. It’s one of their best sellers, served with sauces, coleslaw, and ketchup. 

On the other hand, McDonald’s crispy chicken lasks that crispiness that KFC brings to the table but has its own unique and tender flavor.

KFCs Zinger Burger, Fried Chicken, Kentucky Burger, and Rice & Spice are packed with spices and crispiness. 

They also have a range of wings, hotshots, and chicken strips with a range of sauces like spicy mayo, salsa, ramen, etc. 

KFC is definitely heaven for crispy chicken lowers. 

McDonald’s, on the other hand, is known for its Spicy McCrispy, BigMac, Fish Filet, McArabia, and delicious McFlurry ice cream. 

Their taste hits the right notes; the buns are soft and high quality. 

2. Comparing Quantity & Cost

#McDonald’s KFC
CostLoses Wins 
QuantityLoses Wins 
QualityWins Loses 

KFC and McDonald’s are international chains with a standardized system to maintain quality, quantity, and taste. 

While KFC wins the food quantity point for sure, McDonald’s food quality is reflected in their low-calorie and less oily items.

KFC is great for those looking for a filling meal for less as the burgers are huge, and even the smallest burger offers great value for money. 

The prices are quite comparable, for certain items, with little difference, but the quantity of KFC stands out. 

The cheapest item at KFC is their Krunch Burger for Rs. 270, while at Mcdonald’s, the cheapest item is their Spicy McCrispy for Rs. 302 rupees. 

On the flip side, the most costly item on the KFC menu is the Mighty Zinger for Rs. 700, while the Grand Chicken Spicy at Mcdonald’s is for Rs. 823 (comparing chicken burgers only). 

3. Which Offers More Variety?

McDonald’s KFC
Variety Wins Loses 

Regarding menu and variety, Mcdonald’s is the clear winner. The menu is extremely diverse, with chicken, beef, fish, desserts, and breakfast items. 

KFC has burgers, chicken items, one rice, and two wrap options. KFC has only played around with its fried chicken and has added variations in the form of separate wings, burgers, and wraps. 

That being said, it has better crispy chicken than McDonald’s, so playing with its strength is a smart move. 

4. KFC vs. McDonald’s Ambiance 

McDonald’s KFC
Ambiance TieTie

Both KFC and McDonald’s offer great customer care and ambiance at their locations. Following a self-service system, you order and take your meal after a short wait, and the meals are fresh in both cases. 

Their outlets are clean, the staff is friendly, and they strictly value customer care, whether you order, take away, or get your food delivered.

KFC vs. McDonald’s – Wrapping it Up!

After comparing the taste, quantity, quality, ambiance, and variety, we reach the conclusion that KFC is better in terms of value for money, quantity, and if you love crispy fried chicken. 

On the other hand, if you are picky about quality, like light food, and want more variety, McDonald’s is for you. 

While both fast food chains are good in their own way, you can try them both and relish their delights as per your mood. 

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