Now Group Admins Can Remove Misleading Info Using New Feature of Facebook

new features launched by facebook to handle misleading news

We have encountered many fake and misleading news and information on Facebook. Especially during the time of Corona, much misleading news through Facebook was causing more chaos among people. Therefore, on Thursday, a feature has been added to Facebook that allows group admins to automatically extract posts that have been debunked since they were posted.

The group admins will now be able to send fake news to a “quarantine queue”, which comes ahead of the US midterm elections and as Meta faced criticism for not taking enough measures to combat false news on its platforms.

Facebook added a feature on Thursday that allows group administrators to automatically remove claims that have been debunked since they were posted.

The ability for group administrators to send misinformation to a “quarantine queue” comes as Facebook-parent Meta continues to face criticism for not doing enough to combat misinformation on its platforms.

In March, Facebook began allowing groups to automatically reject new posts identified as containing false information, aiming at a section of the massive network that has piqued the interest of misinformation watchdogs.

Facebook Groups allow members to discuss topics ranging from parenting to politics, and they are used by over 1.8 billion people per month.

However, critics have claimed that the groups are ripe for the spread of misleading or false information because they have large audiences of like-minded users organised around a specific topic.

There are over 100 million new group memberships on Facebook every day — which is kind of incredible,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a post, adding that the company will continue to develop new aspects for even genuine connections around shared interests.”

Alison said the evolution of groups is part of Facebook’s vision of a future in which life online takes place in virtual worlds known as the metaverse.

Alison at the summit said “Technology is evolving quickly,” 

More specifically, we are evolving it, investing in features and research that will help in the realisation of the metaverse.

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