Prince Charles To Become the Next King of the UK

next king of uk will be prince charles

U.K. Prepares for New Era After Queen Elizabeth’s Death

Charles, Prince of Wales, the oldest of her four children and the oldest heir apparent in British history at 73, succeeds mother as monarch right away. He will be recognized as King Charles III, according to royal officials, making him the first monarch by that name to rule since 1685.

Charles himself called his mother’s death “a moment of the greatest sadness for me and all members of my family”.

After the passing of Queen Elizabeth, who takes the throne?

As the eldest child of the queen, Charles received other assets including land and property in addition to the sovereign title and position as leader of the Commonwealth.

The queen has previously stated her intention for Charles to rule the Commonwealth. In a statement following his unanimous election as head in 2018, she expressed her sincere wish that the Commonwealth would continue to provide stability and continuity for future generations and would choose that the Prince of Wales should one day carry on the significant work started by her father in 1949.

After decades of waiting, Charles, aged 73, is the longest-serving heir in British history. Prince Philip was the eldest of the four children the late queen and her husband had. Charles was 3 years old when his mother succeeded to the throne at age 25, he became the heir apparent to Britain. Charles has held the titles of Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, and Earl of Carrick in the past.

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