Oman and Saudi Arabia to Issue Joint Visit Visas for Everyone Including Pakistanis

oman and saudi arabia to offer joint visit visa

The two Gulf countries, Oman and Saudi Arabia have made history by signing an agreement of joint visit visas.

The two countries will be offering a joint visit visa along with joint tourism programs.

According to a report by Arab News, the agreement was made at a high-level meeting between the authorities of the two countries.

Promoting Trade, and Investment

During a meeting between Oman’s Tourism Minister, Salim Al Mahrooqi, and the Saudi Tourism Minister, Ahmed Al Khatib, the facilitation of seasonal visits and a joint tourism calendar was discussed.

The two ministers discussed ways to promote trade, investment cooperation, tourism-related projects, supporting entrepreneurs, etc.

The two ministers also talked about promoting camping and adventure tourism

Tourism – An Industry Worth Millions

The projects and agreements between Saudi Arabia and Oman aim to attract citizens of both countries, foreign tourists, and residents of GCC countries.

It was reported that in the first quarter of this year, about 164,000 tourists from Oman visited Saudi Arabia, which is 136% more than last year.

A total of SAR 310 million was generated b tourists, which is a 71% increase from last year

Past Agreements

Saudi Arabia and Oman had earlier signed 13 investment agreements in February 2023 worth over SAR1 billion.

The two countries are using mutual cooperation to boost their economy and are working together to promote tourism, business, and trade.

Motivated by growth rather than competition, the two entities are destined to pave the way for unmatched economic strength.

Stay Tuned for Updates

Although the list of countries hasn’t been made available yet, it is likely that it will be a rule applicable to all including Pakistanis.

We will add more information on the joint visa agreement as we receive it.

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