Nationals of 50 Countries Get On Arrival Visa in Pakistan as of 2022

on arrival visa in Pakistan

Travelling is an eye-opening experience, it broadens your horizons and breaks preconceived stereotypes. It is no wonder that travel is considered by many as essential to personal growth. The Government of Pakistan has endowed to facilitate tourists by providing an on arrival visa in Pakistan. This eliminates unnecessary paperwork and delays and motivates more travelers.

Pakistan is a land of dense forests, lush meadows, blue seas, and breathtaking snow-capped peaks. Visit the land of the pure today to witness our unmatched hospitality!

On Arrival Visa in Pakistan

The Pakistan Government allows travelers to obtain a visa on arrival in Pakistan. This is to eliminate additional costs, hassle, and paperwork for the tourists. It motivates people to visit the untouched beauty of our land and explore our rich cultural heritage.

The citizens of the following countries can obtain On-Arrival Visas in Pakistan.

  1. Angola
  2. Argentina
  3. Austria
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Bahamas
  6. Bahrain
  7. Barbados
  8. Botswana
  9. Brunei
  10. Costa Rica
  11. Finland
  12. Germany
  13. Ghana
  14. Iceland
  15. Indonesia
  16. Italy
  17. Japan
  18. Jordan
  19. Korea (South)
  20. Kuwait
  21. Lithuania
  22. Luxembourg
  23. Malaysia
  24. Maldives
  25. Malta
  26. Monaco
  27. Mozambique
  28. Nepal
  29. New Zealand
  30. Oman
  31. Paraguay
  32. Qatar
  33. Rwanda
  34. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  35. Saint Lucia
  36. Saudi Arabia
  37. Singapore
  38. Spain
  39. Sri Lanka
  40. Switzerland
  41. Tajikistan
  42. Tanzania
  43. Thailand
  44. Tonga
  45. Trinidad & Tobago
  46. Tunisia
  47. Turkey
  48. UAE
  49. Western Samoa
  50. Zambia

Many of the above countries are home to expatriate Pakistanis and facilitating citizens of these countries will help build a positive image of Pakistan. It helps create long-lasting ties and strong International alliances. 

Special Conditions

  • Citizens of the following countries are granted a 30-day multi-entry visa on arrival.
    • Bahrain
    • Kuwait
    • Malaysia 
    • Oman
    • Qatar 
    • Saudi Arabia 
    • Turkey
    • UAE 
  • Qatari citizens will be granted visas on Arrival(Tourist/Visit) for 30 days free of charge, with single or multiple entries. The vis shall be extendable by another 30 days, without ETA at any port of entry, subject to the following conditions:
    • Passport Validity for a minimum of 6 months
    • A confirmed return ticket
    • Possessing cash equivalent to US $1500/- or a valid credit card.
  • Foreign citizens of Indian origin can avail of a Visa On Arrival for Religious Tourism.
  • Visa on Arrival shall be augmented by the Electronic Travel Authorization(ETA) with a 48-72 hours prior application/intimation.

Welcome to Pakistan!

The On-Arrival visa facility is a step in the right direction to open up the country to international tourists and create a positive image of Pakistan. Facilitating tourism can help generate remarkable revenue for the country and bring much-needed foreign exchange. 

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