Pakistani Truck Art Event in Canada To Celebrate PAK-CA Relation

Ottawa has Unveiled Pakistani Iconic Truck Art

Canadians of Ottawa city have witnessed live truck art on Bank City street by a group of Pakistani artists. The colourful display of art has really attracted them, as they enjoy the live painting by our artists. Canadian government officials, Members of the Pakistani diaspora, local and public authorities, and individuals from all walks of life gathered to watch a live exhibition of Pakistan’s distinctive and vivid truck art.

Zaheer A Janjua, Pakistan’s High Commissioner, City Councillor Catherine McKenney, Mayor Jim Watson and Global Affairs Canada officials were also in attendance. The event was held to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Pakistan and Canada’s establishment of diplomatic relations.

The Pakistani High Commissioner, speaking on the occasion, stated that Pakistan and Canada relations are dynamic, close, and warm and that this cultural event is an expression and demonstration of our relationship. He also lauded Pakistan’s diaspora in Canada, describing them as strategic assets and true advocates for the country.

He also reminded the audience that Pakistan’s vivid truck art was deeply ingrained in the culture of the country and had become a part of the country’s social fabric. Pakistani truck art has made its way to walls and galleries from trucks and buses, and it is now making its way across the world, displaying its brightness and hues, he said.

The Pakistan High Commission along with the ruck artists flown in from Pakistan were commended by Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson for transforming a white wall in the city into a wonderful draw for visitors to come to witness Pakistan’s truck art. He profoundly welcomed the High Commissioner to Canada, stating that Canada and Pakistan have a “very strong, friendly connection.”

Truck Art 

Our truck art is now being globally recognized around the world. People are showing their interest and likeness towards it. Pakistani artists have never failed to impress us globally. Let us know in the comments below about your views regarding the event.

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