Pakistan and Uzbekistan Will Raise The Trade to $1 Bn, Says Ambassador

Pakistan and Uzbekistan Will Raise The Trade to 1 Billion dollars

Aybek Arif Usmanov, the Uzbek ambassador to Pakistan, stated that in the next two years, the two countries’ bilateral commerce volume will rise from 180 million dollars to $1 billion.

The ambassador told the APP that the implementation of the preferential trade agreement between Pakistan and Uzbekistan is going well and will help to advance bilateral trade.

According to him, mutual trade restrictions and customs concerns are now pressing matters for which both nations are developing solutions.

According to him, Pakistan and Uzbekistan signed a transit trade agreement in the previous year, which is crucial for advancing bilateral commerce.

He claimed that a thorough plan was being implemented by the governments of the two nations to enhance trade between them.

Road and rail connections, according to Ambassador Arif Usmanov, are crucial for fostering cross-border trade between the Central Asian states.

He said that construction on the railway connecting China, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan had begun.

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