Pakistan Beats India in Nuclear Weaponry As Per 2023 SIPRI Report


As reported by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI, Pakistan has more nuclear weapons than India.

Pakistan has a reported 170 nuclear weapons in military stockpiles compared to 164 in India. The US and Russia, on the other hand, hold 90% of the nuclear weapons in the world. Below is the breakdown of nuclear weapons that each of the nine nuclear powers holds in 2023.

Here the Military Stockpiles refer to warheads that are aimed for use by the armed forces of a country.

#CountryNumber of Nuclear Weapons (In Stockpile)
9North Korea30

12,512 Nuclear Weapons Globally

SIPRI has estimated that a total of 12,512 nuclear warheads existed in January 2023. The number of weapons in military stockpiles is 9,576 for potential use.
Pakistan Acquired 5 More Nuclear Weapons in 2023

Like the rest of the nuclear powers, India and Pakistan are also expanding their nuclear weaponry. Pakistan acquired five more nuclear weapons in 2023, while India developed four new nuclear weapons.

India is placing more attention on longer-range weapons, with some having the capability to reach targets across China.

Increase in Nuclear Weapons Since 2022

Compared to January 2022, 86 more nuclear weapons have been developed till Jan 2023.

China acquired 60 new weapons in 2023, Russia got 12 more, Pakistan and North Korea developed five, and India acquired four more nuclear weapons.

At the end of the cold war, there was a decrease in the number of nuclear weaponry, but now we are observing a rise.

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