Pakistan is Estimated to be Among the Top Ten Water Deficient Countries in the World

Pakistan is Estimated to be Among the Top Ten Water Deficient Countries in the World

There are probable chances that Pakistan could run dry by the year 2025. As we all have seen, the topic of Pakistan being water deficit in the coming years is being highlighted on Social media sites. Because of the highlights and continuous posting of different pages, the citizens have started questioning and showing concern about the issue. Therefore governments had to take steps to save Pakistan from the water crisis and they started a campaign to collect money for the construction of Dams in Pakistan. 

UN-Water Conference 2022

Amb Munir Akram the Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations in a personal briefing of Member States on the 2023 UN-Water Conference, explained that:

“Pakistan is thought to be one of the world’s ten driest countries. We get floods in the summer and frequent droughts in the winter as a result of climate change and other disasters. As a result, we are concerned that the world is continuing to stray from SDG 6 implementation.

I believe that the SDG 6 Global Accelerator Framework, with its promotion of five accelerators, can provide a good framework for structuring the themes of discourse around data and information, capacity development, innovation, and governance. As we discussed earlier today, these conversations must be intentional and action-oriented. I’d want to stress the necessity of including water policy concerns, such as transboundary water cooperation, as one of the topics for discussion”.

Cross-border water cooperation is critical in promoting regional integration, peace, and sustainable development, as well as tackling regional security issues and climate change adaptation. Currently, cross-border water accounts for 60% of global freshwater runoff. There are 286 trans-boundary river and lake basins and 592 trans-boundary aquifer systems in 153 nations. Because the majority of the world’s water resources are shared by two or more countries, the demand for cross-border cooperation grows as the water shortage grows. Finance, technology cooperation, and partnerships, will be the three most significant factors in regard to the commitments. 

Amb Munir Akram further said that:

“We appreciate your intention to work toward a water agreement and the strategy for its implementation. Given that the SDGs are a key component of the 2030 Agenda 6, we believe that the promises we make on the water will progressively be reflected in Member States’ national pledges and the VNRs we hold yearly to monitor progress on the SDGs.”

Save Water Save Life

The government is taking steps to save Pakistan from the water crisis. However, the citizens should also take care of the issue and try to save water as much as they can.

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