How to Get an International Driving License in Pakistan

Pakistani international driving license

If you are going abroad and you want to drive on your own during your stay, you will need to apply for an international license. The license is issued in the country of origin and is valid in various countries depending upon their policies. 

The process of the license application is quite simple and straightforward and we will take you through it, step by step. 

In this article, we will explain how to apply for an international driving license in Pakistan. The general procedure and documentation required for the license are mentioned below:  

Required Documents 

Below are the documents that are required for the application. The application process is similar across Pakistan. 

Note: The person applying for the license needs to present himself, during the application. 

  • A copy of valid visa and passport
  • A copy of your national driving license and national identity card (CNIC)
  • Proof of residence in a city within Pakistan 
  • Passport sized pictures 

Application Procedure

Below is the general application procedure when you apply for an international driving permit. The fee and the waiting time may vary based on your city of residence. 

  • Bring the above documents and take a token from the office counter
  • After data entry  get the receipt 
  • Submit fee
  • Collect your license on the mentioned date on the receipt 

Note: The process and fee may vary slightly based on where you live in Pakistan and the issuing authority.  Contact the local authority in your region for more information before visiting.

International Driving License Issuing Bodies 

You can apply for the license depending on your province of residence. Below are license issuing authorities in Pakistan.  

International Driving License in Islamabad

As a residence of Islamabad, you will have to visit the Citizen Facilitation Center in G-11/4 to apply for the license. 

International Driving License in Sindh

If you reside in the Sindh province, you will have to visit the nearest DLS office (Driving License department under Sindh Police) 

International Driving License in Punjab 

People living in Punjab can get their international driving license from the Police Khidmat Markaz. Once the process is complete the license is delivered via courier service. 

International Driving License in KPK

Residents of KPK can get an international license from the District Transport office Peshawar. New licenses are issued in Peshawar only but you can renew your license once it’s issued, from anywhere in the province. 

International Driving License in Baluchistan

If you want to get an international driving license in Baluchistan you can go to a Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz or the Quetta Traffic Police office

Final Words

In this article we explained how you can apply for an international driving license in Pakistan.

With an international license, you can legally drive in a foreign country. It not only assists in renting and driving vehicles in another country but also preserves your rights as a foreign driver. 

The regulations vary from country to country. For that matter, we recommend you check out the policies in your country of origin and the country you are visiting. You should do that before you apply for an international license so you can avoid any inconvenience. 

We hope this article helped you with your license application. Do check out more informative material on the site. 

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