Pakistanis Slam HEC for Banning Holi in Universities for ‘Hurting Islamic Values’


In a notice issued by the HEC (Higher Education Commission), Holi and other Hindu festivals across educational institutions in the country have been banned.

After a video of Holi celebrations went viral at the Quaid-e-Azam University, the celebration of Holi and other Hindu festivals have been banned to preserve Islamic ideology as per the notice.

The notice highlights the idea that activities like Holi portray a complete disconnect from our sociocultural values and erode the country’s Islamic identity.

A Viral Video of Holi at QAU

A Holi event was organized at the Quaid-I-Azam University in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The event was organized by the Mehran Students’ Council and was labeled as the “biggest Holi celebration in Pakistan.”

Hundreds of students at QAU were seen dancing and celebrating the festival of Holi. Commenting on the event, HEC showed its disappointment and concern. In the notice, the HEC Executive Director, Dr. Shaista Sohail, stated that such events exhibit a dangerous portrayal of the country.

She added that inclusivity is vital to a more tolerant society, yet, such acts should follow a measured approach.

Hurting religious sentiments and disregarding Islamic values should be avoided at all costs, she added.

She further emphasized the importance of intellectual debates and cognitive learning for student growth.

Earlier Closure at QAU

Earlier in February, the university was closed due to weeks of strikes and student conflicts.

A clash between the Baloch and Pakhtun students at QAU turned the campus into a battleground. The university administration failed to control the situation as the police were not called, and the internal security personnel were called instead, who were unable to contain the matter.

The university had reopened in March, and the Holi event had come as a big relief for students after the chaos had subsided.

The ban on the Holi event does highlight the need for supervised events but also ends up hurting the sentiments of the Hindu minorities.

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