Big Immersive Makes It to Formula 1 as An Augmented Reality Developer

Pakistan’s First Metaverse Company Makes it to Formula 1


  • Big Immersive is a Pakistani technology company based in Lahore.
  • This time, the company is developing its Williams Racing Formula 1 halo ring.
  • The new technology would let the audience enjoy the race from the view of the driver.

In the fast-changing universe of Formula 1, companies devote their entire existence to their race teams. The best lap isn’t the only thing that matters. 

Consistency, morale, and, most importantly, the fans are important. All through the history of Formula One, many teams have developed cult followings. 

Year after year, devoted fans motivate and cheer their teams to win. In order to have such a loyal fanbase, each project needs to be carefully thought out. The Williams F1 is out again in its iconic deep blue livery.

William F1 in iconic deep blue livery

McLaren has debuted an incredible all-pink livery. Likewise, Ferrari is celebrating its seventy-fifth anniversary with a striking yellow and black Monza emblem.

In case you are wondering why a metaverse firm is obsessed with Formula One, particularly the Japanese Grand Prix in 2022, then note that this is due to Pakistan’s very own Big Immersive Technology company. Undoubtedly, the Williams Racing F1 halo ring is bringing the company international attention.

About Big Immersive

Big Immersive is the first metaverse company in Pakistan that was founded in 2017. It has teams of competent 3D, 2D, UI/UX, and concept artists, sound artists, animators, quality assurance engineers, producers, and full-stack developers who seek to create and publish high-quality content across all immersive media platforms. To be more specific, they:

  • Make some great VR and AR content and experiences.
  • Support developers in evolving, polishing, and finishing their products.
  • Give exposure to a variety of markets and media.
  • Connect the appropriate individuals and organizations

After conquering the fields of augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality, Big Immersive has now moved to an F1 racetrack

The intense exhilaration of the race and the Big Immersive logo, blanketed from left to right by the halo ring, are seen through the eyes of the drivers themselves. 

Rubber burns on the tarmac at the Japanese Grand Prix on the 9th of October. After about three years, Williams Racing returns to the famous track, sporting the emblem of Big Immersive, a truly innovative corporation. 

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