PCAA Hazards – An App for Reporting Incidents by PCAA

pcaa hazards mobile app

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority announced the launch of an android app “Voluntary Hazard/Incident Reporting System”. This application can be easily accessed and downloaded from the Google Play Store. The aim behind this app is to enable the general public and passengers to report any hazards or incidents at Pakistan airports. 

PCAA always gives utmost importance to the Aviation Safety related issues throughout the country and remains focused on enhancing the performance and quality of the aviation services. The organization strives to give priority to customer’s satisfaction by adopting zero-tolerance against violation of protocols and procedures for a safer travelling experience for the general public and others travelling through air. 

pcaa hazards mobile app
Source: Google Play Store

Who can report the hazard/incident?

  • General public
  • Aviation stakeholders
  • Air travelling passengers 

Hazard identification/reporting includes:

  • Mandatory occurrence reporting
  • Voluntary occurrence reporting
  • Safety occurrence investigation
  • Safety occurrence trend analysis e.g. flight data analysis (FDA)
  • Operational oversight (safety surveys & safety audits)
  • Results of a state investigation (of accidents & serious incidents)
  • Practices of information exchange (between airline operators/aviation service providers & general public etc.) 

The reporting of any hazard/incident can include uploading any files and pictures as supporting evidence. Additionally, an informant can choose to keep his/her identity confidential. This application covers a wide range of Reporting Areas including:

  • Hazard
  • Incident
  • Accident
  • Damage
  • Deficiency
  • Violation
  • Failure
  • Services

Apart from the app, you can also have access to the Voluntary Hazard/Incident Reporting Form that is available on the official website of PCAA.

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