6 Best Pick and Drop Service Providers in Islamabad & Rawalpindi | 2023 List

Pick & Drop service in Islamabad, pick & drop service in Rawalpindi.

Are you a resident of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and looking for a pick-and-drop service? This article is the right place for you. We have listed down the best pick-and-drop service providers in the twin cities. 

These days pick and drop services are availed by a majority of people for their daily commute to schools, colleges, universities, offices, etc.

To help you resolve your transportation issues, here is our list with complete details.

Pick & Drop Services in Isl/Rwl

Enumerated below is a list of the best pick-and-drop services operational in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Pick-Drop Services in Islamabad/RawalpindiContact Info
Friends Pick and Drop0333 2812043
Punjab Pick and Drop0333 9340808
Baig Transport Services0304 1110287
Rawal Riders0300 9424629
PK Riders0333 9340336
BHL Pick & Drop Service0344 0510051
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Now let’s discuss all of these pick and drop services, one by one.

Friends Pick and Drop

A pick-and-drop service is available for offices and schools in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. They cover a range of schools, making it easy for parents to select a safe pick and drop service for their children. The service can also be availed by teachers from different schools. 

Additionally, they also offer inter-city services and rides for office transportation.

Contact: 0333 2812043

Punjab Pick and Drop

Punjab Pick and Drop is a service for students and teachers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. They offer services for different schools, colleges, and universities.

They have separate vans available for different schools, colleges, and universities along with different timings.

Contact: 0333 9340808

Baig Transport Services

Baig Transport Services provides a pick-and-drop service to students in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. They have three different packages based on distance i.e. schools near, school middle, and school long. You can contact them for further info.

Contact: 0304 1110287

Rawal Riders

Rawal Riders are the oldest and largest pick and drop service providers in the twin cities. 

They provide you with the safety and security of yourself as well as your hard-earned money by providing you with money back guarantee.

They are available on all routes in Rawalpindi and Islamabad for all timings.  Feel free to contact for any type of pick and drop and booking service. 

Contact: 0300 9424629

PK Riders

PK Riders provide pick and drop services for schools, colleges, universities, and offices in Rawalpindi & Islamabad and for Wah, and Taxila as well. They offer very reasonable rates, and you can find a driver nearest to your location.

Contact: 0333 9340336

BHL Pick & Drop Service

BHL is another pick and drop service in Isl/Rwl that offers customized rides based on your given info. You will need to inform them about your pick up and drop-off location, timings, working days, and budget.

They will assign you the best ride based on your route and preferences. Both AC and non-AC rides are available.

Contact: 0344 0510051

Daily Commute Made Easy!

We hope the above pick-and-drop services were helpful to you. If you know of any good pick-and-drop services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, please drop a comment below.

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