10 Best Places to Visit in Turkey in 2022

places to visit in turkey

People are attracted to Turkey for so many reasons such as its history rich sites, rich culture or its aspiring and eye pleasing natural features. So many things that make Turkey one of the best tourist attractions. The royalty of the place will surely mesmerise your eyes and calm your racing mind. The people are very friendly and it will add a plus to your visit. However, with so many amazing places and such limited time it is quite difficult to decide about the places you want to visit and places you would skip.

Places to Visit in Turkey

If you are planning to visit Turkey we are going to tell you the must visit places of Turkey. 

  • Cappadocia
  • Istanbul
  • Ankara
  • Amasya
  • Kars
  • Antalya
  • Bodrum
  • Mardin
  • Konya
  • Ephesus


The place is like a fairy tale, you will see a lot of colourful air balloons there. Cappadocia’s strange and curving rock valleys are the fantasy of every photographer. Cappadocia is one of Turkey’s top winter attractions thanks to its stunning scenery, fascinating history, and bucket-list-worthy hot air balloon rides. People visiting in winters to Cappadocia may find it more delightful than people visiting in summer, because when people swarm the region and temperatures soar. Late November to early March is a good time to visit Cappadocia , because the snow will add more atmosphere to the place.

Activities to do in Cappadocia

Red Valley
Rose Valley
Pasabag valley

The landscapes of Cappadocia are breathtaking and unforgettably beautiful, as they are  sculpted by centuries of volcanic eruptions. This rough and yet peaceful setting is mesmerising no matter what time of year it is. The hiking here is ideal for the people having a great sense of adventure. 

Consider the following places you must visit for a great hiking experience in Cappadocia:

  • Red Valley
  • Rose Valley 
  • Pasabag Valley


We all have heard about Istanbul, since it is one of the major cities of Turkey. The old city reflects the influences of the mughal emperors that once ruled there. Istanbul’s year-round treasure trove of sights and unique experiences will make your trip memorable, when the weather is chilly and there are few people on the streets. The Popular tourist attractions in this city will be relatively deserted in the winter, so you can take advantage of it and visit the places peacefully in winters. 

Must Visit Places in Istanbul

Roman-era Hippodrome at Sultanahmet
Blue Mosque
Hagia Sophia

The places are the historical wonders that will mesmerise you with its antique beauty:

  • The open-air, Roman-era Hippodrome at Sultanahmet 
  • Blue Mosque
  • Hagia Sophia 


Istanbul, the old hub of the Ottoman empire and remains the largest city in terms of population and cultural clout, generally defeats Turkey’s contemporary capital. Despite the fact that it lacks Istanbul’s history and size, Ankara is nonetheless worth a weekend visit. 

Places to Visit in  Ankara

Ataturk Mausoleum
Citadel Neighbourhood

The mood is calmer, with magnificent parks and wide pavements, and it’s a great place to learn about Turkey’s republican history. The most notable landmark is Anitkabir, which includes a museum and a collection of neo-classical monuments as well as the mausoleum of Kemal Ataturk, Turkey’s founder and first president.

The historical places you must visit in Ankara are:

  • Ataturk Mausoleum
  • Citadel Neighbourhood
  • Hattusa 


Amasya, located in the Black Sea region, is one of the best destinations to visit in Turkey.It’s a pretty unusual and historic city nestled within the small valley on the Yesilirmak River and surrounded by mountains that are easy to see if you are already in the area. Explore the old Ottoman-style houses, visit Amasya Castle, and search for the Kral Kaya Tombs once you arrive.The travel from the capital, Ankara, to Amasya will take roughly 4-hours if you are driving or have arranged a transfer. Also, you can stop by Anadolu MantI Evi for great food.

Places to Visit in Amasya

Pontic King Rock Tomb
Hazeranlar Mansion
Beyazit Mosque

If you are planning to visit Amasya then these place should be in your top list the architect and antique design would be a perfect background for your aesthetic pictures:

  • Pontic King Rock Tomb
  • Hazeranlar Mansion
  • Beyazit Mosque


The city Kars is located in the North eastern side of Turkey, near Armenia’s border. Kars has very crucial historical museums that will tell you about the stories of various historical events. So if you are someone who is interested in histories and stories this place will serve you a great interest. Visit the historic Armenian churches, some of which are ruins and others which have been transformed into mosques, then hike up to Kars castle for a panoramic view of the old defences. The view will surely blossom in your mind.

Spiritual Places to Visit in Kars

Ani Cathedral
Kars Fethiye Camii
Harani Turbesi

If you are close to spirituality and wants to explore more about it then some of the must visit places are:

  • Ani Cathedral
  • Kars Fethiye Camii
  • Harani Turbesi


Antalya is a large, active city nestled along the gorgeous Turkish Riviera on the Mediterranean coast, inviting travellers with several resorts, hotels, pubs, and restaurants. lush green mountains with ancient ruins and beautiful beaches provide the background for the city. In Antalya you will find activities for everyone such as swimming, sailing, mountain climbing, sightseeing, and various other family activities.

With views of the old city walls, Roman gates, maze-like lanes, and historic landmarks such as the Clock Tower and gorgeous, old churches, mosques, and temples, a tour through Kaleiçi will transport you back to the city’s ancient past. Cumhuriyet Square, at the Old Quarter’s core, is flanked by stores, cafes, Turkish baths, and street entertainers.Konyaalti and Lara, Antalya’s principal beaches, feature white sands, water sports, resorts, bars, and restaurants. Water parks, amusement parks, and a zoo are all located near the beaches. Several museums, like the award-winning Antalya Museum, display antiquities and treasures from the region.

The Ancient Places You Must Visit


The ancient places with big walls and great architecture will amaze you and following are the places you should explore in Antalya:

  • Old town
  • Aspendos
  • Termessos


Bodrum is the location of the ancient walled city of Halicarnassus, which was once home to marble structures, temples, statuary, paved streets, and the Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It is located in the Mugla Province in Turkey’s southern Aegean area.The city remained a sleepy fishing community when it fell into ruins until the twentieth century, when Turkish intellectuals popularised it through their writings. Bodrum’s fascinating ruins, beautiful beaches, and cliff-top resorts now draw visitors from all over the world.

A magnificent beach viewing dazzling blue water can be found on Bodrum’s eastern side. There are various restaurants, cafes , and nightclubs located along the shore. The marina, commercial areas, and restaurants are all located on the western side of town. One of the must visit places in Bodrum is the Bodrum Castle which now operates as a museum. 

Places in Bodrum

Bitez Beach
Zeki Muren Museum
Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

If you are someone who loves beaches or places with water then Bodrum has a lot to offer you. Moreover, after having fun at the beaches you can further look into the museums and get to know about the history of the place. Places to visit in Bodrum includes:

  • Pamukkale
  • Bitez Beach
  • Zeki Muren Museum
  • Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology


A city located in the southeastern of Turkey, the city is amazing because of its strategic location on the strategic hills. Turkey’s most frequented tourist destination in the east, it is an ancient Christian city carved into a rocky outcrop that views the lowlands down to the Syrian border. Along with Ottoman mosques and dramatic old cave houses, there are beautiful Orthodox monasteries that are still utilised for religious devotion. 

The Mesmerising Places in Mardin

Zinciriye Medresesi
Ulu Camii
Mardin Museum
Mardin Castle

Mardin’s dramatic old buildings are the biggest tourist attraction and some of the best orthodox buildings are:

  • Zinciriye Medresesi
  • Ulu Cami
  • Mardin Museum
  • Mardin Castle


It is the city in the south of Ankara, in the central Anatolian region of Turkey. It is a Sufi pilgrimage site, with the Mevlana Museum housing the tomb of the Mevlana order’s founder, Jelaleddin Rumi. The Alaeddin Mosque, which holds the tombs of various sultans, is one of the most magnificent buildings from the old period. Another prominent example is the Ince Minare Medrese, which is now a museum with Seljuk and Ottoman relics. Beautiful green spaces and parks can be found throughout Konya, including Alaeddin Hill in the city centre and the Japanese Park, which features gorgeous pagodas, waterfalls, and ponds.

The Seljuk Palace is also worth seeing, even if it is in ruins. The Seljuk Tower, one of Turkey’s largest skyscrapers with a revolving restaurant on the top two floors, is a modern architectural attraction.

Places in Konya

Karatay Tile Work Museum
Neolithic Site of Çatalhöyük
Village of Sille

The parks, waterfalls and ponds are the places where you can enjoy your time while  other places you should consider visiting in Konya are the museums that can give you rich information regarding the area and old historical sites. :

  • Karatay Tile Work Museum
  • Neolithic Site of Çatalhöyük
  • Village of Sille


It is one of the most classic cities of Turkey, located in the Aegean Turkey. Ephesus boasts one of the seven wonders of the Ancient world. The ancient stuff of Ephesus is well preserved in an archaeological site that makes it one of the popular Tourist attractions of Turkey.  You can visit various Churches, Beaches and famous libraries in Ephesus. Ephesus is fascinating, beautiful; however, to get the most out of this city you should book a good tour guide who can guide you about the place and make it easy for you to roam around. 

Places to Wander in Ephesus

Celsus Library
House of Virgin Mary
Isa Bey Mosque

For sightseeing Ephesus has amazing places, if you ever visit Ephesus Consider going to the following places for sightseeing and for spiritual experiences:

  • Celsus Library
  • House of Virgin Mary
  • Isa Bey Mosque
  • Didyma

Let’s Chase the Adventure 

Book your flight today and get ready for the most amazing adventure of your life. Turkey is a place that every person must visit once in his or her lifetime. The place will make all your fairytale fantasies come true.

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