Planning Minister Calls for Emergency Plan Against Global Challenges

Planning Minister Calls for Emergency Plan Against Global Challenges

On July 14, 2022, the Minister for Planning and Development, Ahsan Iqbal addressed a news conference in New York on the sidelines of the high-level political forum, 2022 at the UN (United Nations).

During the conference, he called for an emergency action plan to tackle the rising global challenges of poverty and food insecurity.  

He stated that global food insecurity is hitting the developing countries the hardest due to issues like low productivity, water scarcity, land degradation infrastructure, and climate change.  

Pakistan, being the president of G-77 countries in 2022, urged the United Nations to lead an international effort to support the developing countries and mitigate the effects of the supply chain shocks being experienced globally. 

He suggested that efforts must be increased to boost food production, assist poor farmers, keep supply chains open and build food banks. 

He emphasized collective action to reduce the political crisis and economic issues. 

Talking about developing countries and their struggle to survive, Ahsan Iqbal mentioned the Kashmir issue and how the people of Kashmir are suffering while the world stays silent. 

He mentioned the illegal action by India on 5th August 2019 to wipe out the identity of the Kashmir people and how further negligence can lead to catastrophes in the region. 

He also spoke about terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s efforts to convince the government of Afghanistan to take action against terrorist activities within the country. 

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