PM Announces ‘Historic Package’ for Oversees Pakistanis – Property, Savings Schemes & More

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Outgoing Prime Minister, Shehbaz Sharif has introduced a noteworthy initiative to address the concerns of overseas Pakistanis.

A special package has been introduced aiming to facilitate the resolution of property-related matters for overseas Pakistanis by setting up special courts and hotlines across the nation.

The package encompasses several beneficial measures, such as the creation of overseas Pakistani commissions in all provinces, following the Punjab model.

Additionally, the initiative involves dedicated immigration counters at international airports for the convenience of overseas Pakistanis.

To further enhance their financial prospects, the package also introduces exclusive national savings schemes tailored for overseas Pakistanis.

These schemes offer attractive rates, allowing them to make the most of their investments.

10% Quota in Housing Schemes

The package encompasses various beneficial aspects. Notable provisions include a 10% quota in public sector housing schemes, along with reserved seats (5%) for children of overseas Pakistanis in local professional institutions.

Moreover, need-based and merit scholarships are available for children for higher education. Halls of Fame will be established at Pakistani missions abroad to recognize top remitters, and camp offices will aid in document attestation.

This initiative reflects a commitment to engage with overseas Pakistanis, acknowledging their contributions and facilitating their involvement in various sectors.

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Online Biometric Verification

The NADRA system is set to streamline services for overseas Pakistanis. A link with Union Councils will facilitate the issuance of essential certificates like marriage, divorce, birth, and death certificates. Moreover, the presence of NADRA facilitation counters will be bolstered at missions and embassies abroad.

Additionally, online biometric verification will be introduced, aiding various financial and property-related transactions. This move aims to enhance convenience for overseas Pakistanis in managing important matters and transactions seamlessly.

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The comprehensive package underlines the outgoing government’s commitment to supporting and serving the interests of overseas Pakistanis. It addresses critical issues and aims to simplify processes, ensuring a smoother experience for those living abroad while retaining strong connections with their homeland.

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