PM Shahbaz to Inaugurate Innovation Hub in Islamabad Today

PM Shahbaz to Inaugurate Innovation Hub in Islamabad Today

Shehbaz Sharif the prime minister will launch the Innovation Hub in Islamabad today. The hub is being created to encourage public participation in national policy formation and decision-making. 

Innovation Hub is going to be the country’s groundbreaking research ecosystem. Being established in accordance with the Prime Minister’s vision, it will play a crucial role in combining the opinions of all stakeholders, particularly the nation’s skilled youth and workforce, which also will eventually ensure that policymaking is in line with national needs.

Regarding this, Salman Sufi, Pakistan’s public policy expert said:

“We have a panel of experts which would wet the ideas floated by the public and whichever idea gets approved, its initiator will be rewarded by the prime minister, while the idea will be made part of the national policy,”

PM Shahbaz to Inaugurate Innovation Hub in Islamabad Today

In the meantime, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that CPEC has deepened the roots of the eternal friendship between the people of Pakistan and China. He was speaking with Yang Jiechi, a member of the Communist Party of China’s central committee and director of the commission for foreign affairs, who had visited him in Islamabad.

He also reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to stepped-up security, safety, and protection measures for Chinese nationals, saying:

Pakistan would keep providing Chinese investors with attractive incentives, access to top-notch infrastructure, and unwavering security arrangements. 

We are eager to collaborate closely with China to attain the shared goals of connectivity, development, and societal well-being, he added. 

The two of them also spoke on Afghanistan’s crisis, particularly the social and economic challenges.

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