Prize Bond Prizes | Prize Bond Winning Amount Details


Want to get rich overnight? Do you think you are an inherently lucky person? Then you are at the right place! Prize bonds are those who like to play and play big. This is a game of luck and with interest-free prizes, you can rest assured that you are doing this the Halal way. 

The Pakistan Government’s Ministry of Finance introduced prize bonds in the 1960s for the common man to try his luck. This investment can change your life forever. A stroke of luck or an act of fate, prize bonds can make you rich overnight. Find the information regarding the prizes for each prize bond below.

Prize Bond Prize Amounts for all Denominations:

The following first, second, and third prizes are offered for each prize bond that is selected in the prize bond draw.

Denomination in PKRTotal Prizes(1st)1st Prize Amount(PKR)Total Prizes(2nd)2nd Prize Amount(PKR)Total Prizes(3rd)3rd Prize Amount(PKR)
Rs. 1001700,0003200,00011991,000
Rs. 2001750,0005250,00023491,250
Rs. 75011,500,0003500,00016969,300
Rs. 1,50013,000,00031,000,000169618,500
Rs. 7,500115,000,00035,000,000169693,000
Rs. 1,5000130,000,000310,000,0001696185,000
Rs. 40,000 (Premium Bond)180,000,000330,000,000660500,000


The winning prize bonds can be encashed at the following locations:

  • SBP BSC (State Bank of Pakistan Banking Services Corporation Bank) office
  • National Saving Center offices
  • Designated branches of all commercial banks

To claim the prize money on successfully winning a prize bond, the bond owner has to submit the following documents:

  • Fill and Submit the Encashment form
  • Photocopy of valid CNIC 
  • The original Winning Prize Bond duly signed by the applicant
  • Photocopy of the prize-winning bond, signed by the applicant


Winning Prize Bonds are verified before Encashment. 

  • The prize bond is initially checked at the field office by registered staff members.
  • In the case of any doubt, it is then sent to PSPC (Pakistan Security Printing Corporation). 
  • In the case of a large prize amount, that is an amount worth one million or above, the prize bonds are sent to PSPC for verification.

Let’s Get Rich:

Dealing with Prize bonds is not for the faint-hearted. You may just lose your hard-earned money, however fate smile down upon those who have the stamina and the spirit to play big. Through these Prize Bond Prizes, they can quadruple their wealth in a blink of an eye and make all their dreams come true.

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