PSX Introduces A Short Course For Stock Marketers

PSX Introduces Short Course For Stock Marketers

PSX is widely recognized as the Industry Leader in educating the investing public on how to be prudent when trading stocks or futures contracts. The company recently introduced a course called Stock Market Basics for those looking for a solid class on how and why things work in the investment world. 

The stock market is an important aspect of every country’s economy in terms of expenditures and investments. With the principles and strategies taught in the Stock Market Basics course by PSX, you will develop a solid understanding of how the stock market works and how you can make money in it. From all the basics of bonds, financial statements, stocks, and investments to the equities markets and the approaches that successful investors use to select stocks, you will leave this course with thorough know-how of personal finance and investment. Furthermore, you’ll also have the freedom and peace of mind to make your own investment decisions. 

Complete Topics Covered

Module 1: Understanding the Global Stock Market

  • Exploring stock prices, and investments
  • Introduction to stock options
  • Choosing a share
  • Fundamentals of financial statements, and bonds, 
  • The Analysis and Valuation of Stocks

Module 2: Strategies to earn more from stock markets

  • Addressing personal financial issues that are usually overlooked 
  • Approaches that professional investors use to make revenue
  • How you can protect your wealth while also profiting in a market crash
  • Ways to get the most out of your financial resources by leveraging them for maximum return
  • Determine how market players value stocks

Prerequisites & Requirements

To Enroll in this course, you must be 18 years old and have an investment account with a financial institution licensed by the OSC. However, no prior knowledge is required because the course’s material is very easy to follow. Classes will begin on 11 June 2022!

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