Rana Sanaullah Says Pakistan’s General Elections Could be Delayed Till March 2023

Pak-Minister-Says-General-Elections-Can-Be-Delayed-Until-March-Next-Year (1)

Pakistan’s general elections could be delayed until March next year, as Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah revealed in a statement.

The potential delay comes in light of the Council of Common Interests (CCI) approval of the new census.

This approval would require the ECP (Election Commission of Pakistan) to perform fresh delimitation of constituencies, a process that may push the elections to the third week of February or the first week of March, according to Sanaullah.

The elections were originally scheduled for October or November this year, but the CCI’s unanimous approval of the 2023 headcount necessitates a fresh digital census.

The census approval was reached in the presence of all four chief ministers and representatives of various political parties. As per Sanaullah’s understanding, holding fresh delimitation is a constitutional obligation.

The constitution dictates that two general elections cannot be held based on the same census. Therefore, the results of the new census must be officially notified before a new delimitation of constituencies is conducted. T

The interior minister acknowledged that political parties have raised concerns about the census findings in 2023.

Regarding the appointment of a caretaker prime minister, Sanaullah stated that no final nominee has been decided yet.

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) has proposed the name of Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori for the position.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is also considering submitting one or two names. The name of the interim prime minister will be finalized shortly.

Assembly to be Dissolved on August 9

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM)-led government’s decision to dissolve the National Assembly prematurely on August 9 allows the ECP to conduct elections within 90 days, instead of 60, if the legislature completes its constitutional term on August 12.

The approval of the 2023 census by the CCI has significant implications for the upcoming general elections. A fresh digital census ensures a more accurate representation of Pakistan’s population and aids in the fair distribution of constituencies.

However, the process of delimitation is time-consuming and may delay the elections to early next year.

As the ECP prepares for the new delimitation process, political parties and the general public closely monitor developments. The choice of the caretaker prime minister also remains a topic of speculation and debate.

In conclusion, the approval of the 2023 census sets the stage for a fresh electoral process in Pakistan.

While it ensures more accurate representation, it also necessitates additional time for delimitation. As the nation awaits further updates, the democratic process continues to unfold, shaping the future of Pakistan’s governance.

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