Reasons You Should Avoid Visiting Northern Areas this Eid

things to consider when visiting northern areas during eid

There are two types of people: those who celebrate Eid with family and friends and those who celebrate it by visiting Northern areas. 

Both Eids, Eid-ul-Fitr, and Eid-ul-Adha are important in the Islamic Calendar, and Muslims celebrate them with all their strength and happiness. This joyous occasion is celebrated by gathering all the relatives and friends, getting “Eidi” in the form of monetary gifts, enjoying the Eid sweets, and talking endlessly. This form of celebration marks the first category of people who love to celebrate it with family and friends. 

For those whose Eid celebration involves visiting the northern areas of Pakistan, this category of people gathers a large sum, making it quite difficult for every one of them. So, let’s talk about the 7 most prominent reasons why going to northern areas on Eid is a bad idea.

Why Avoid Visiting Northern Areas on Eid

Below are some of the major reasons why you should avoid visiting Northern areas on Eid:

  • Traffic Issues
  • Hotel Booking Issues
  • High Prices
  • OverCrowdedness

Now, we will explore each point one by one.

1. Traffic Issues

While many people take their cars, gather family members, and start their journey, they encounter a very stressful and tiring traffic problem. The roads connecting northern areas are very narrow and mostly allow two-way traffic. There is a great likelihood of traffic jams, and a few hours are added to long delays. 

2. Hotel Booking Crises

After you have overcome the traffic issue and reached the desired northern area, the next issue will be hotel booking. For those who had this plan pre-planned and booking made in advance, this will not be an issue. While others with no advanced bookings, this can create a stressful situation because all the best hotels in the vicinity are pre-booked, leaving you with a not-so-well hotel option.

3. High Prices

Even if you do get a place to stay, the fares will be strikingly high and you will be left with no other option than to pay the high rates. Currently, Eids are happening around in the summer, and this is the peak season for tourism. Peak seasons are most likely accompanied by high fares by Hotels as well as an eatery, as the locals make a lot of money from tourists. 

4. Over Crowdedness

People usually visit northern areas for peace, quiet, views, serenity, and similar reasons. Overcrowding is another big issue. All the hotels will be crowded, you will likely hear a lot of chit-chats around, the tourist places will be crowded, and you will likely not enjoy yourself as much as you would have in a non-crowded situation. 

Stay Safe, and Travel Wisely!

This was a brief guide on why you should refrain from traveling to northern areas on Eid. Considering the above points is important so you can travel with ease. Check out more travel content and Eid guides on BlogPakistan.

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