Robot In South Korea Commits Suicide Due To Overwhelming Workload.


Can workload affect robots, too? Well, the answer may be Yes. In South Korea, a shocking incident took place in which a robot reportedly Committed Suicide by plunging down a staircase under very malfunctioning condition.

Highlights of this news from Daily Mail stated that: 

  • “A Civil servant robot employed for Gumi City Council South Korea was found unresponsive after falling down from a staircase.”
  • “Locals are calling it a first Robotic suicide of the country.”
  • “Witnesses at the council saw the robot’s unusual behavior before falling from the staircase.”

According to the officials of Gumi Council, parts of the Robot supervisor were found scattered on the stairs it was found between the first and second floors of the council. The pieces were collected by the investigation team because it was used to handle deliveries of official government papers to local people. Also, witnesses elaborated that before it fell on the stairs it started circling at the same spot for some long time span. Then it jumped over the stairs. Why and How it fell is still unknown.

The local media highlighted the debate:  Why did the hardworking civil officer do that? 

Was working hours were hard for the root?If the workload was too much to handle for the robot would he have gotten very confused and then quickly run downstairs?

The Robot Supervisor was appointed in August 2023.It was made by Bear Robotics (California’s robot-waiter startup).The unique ability this robot acquired was that it could easily call an elevator and was able to move between the floors of Gumi Council. It got its own office card and use to work from 9am to 6pm.Also the council stated that they are not currently replacing the robot supervisor with any other robot.

Online Responses to the news also arose, questioning whether it was facing workload issues. Comments on ‘X’ stated, “I hope that scrap metal finds a piece. “Robots need vacations and benefits, too.”

Some of the hilarious responses of Netizens were seen over the news breakage of Robot’s suicide:

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