Samples Of Recommendation Letter For Professional Use

What is a Recommendation Letter?

On this long road of the hiring process, recommendation letters are part of the hiring process and can be portrayed as a lawyer to the candidate’s selection. To get a job, most companies demand a recommendation letter. This formal document can be written by a manager, supervisor, or someone who had direct contact with the candidate in the previous role and can speak about their proficiency. Recommendation letters serve as a medium to predict future performance in the company and what candidates will bring to the table based on past achievements.

Although you are submitting your resume mentioning all your experience and abilities, and no matter how well you connect to a job, a recommendation letter is just as important as any other thing. It gives a clear picture to the hiring authorities why they should hire you and what you have to offer them. Companies are well-aware of the fact that candidates put their best effort to show themselves in a positive light. So, to make this process more transparent, they request a recommendation letter from a third party to hear someone else speak for you. 

Important Considerations in Writing a Recommendation Letter for Employee

If someone has requested you for a recommendation letter, it is important to keep in mind that their selection will depend on your words. Helping someone in getting a job will add to your good deeds. There are a few important considerations in writing a recommendation letter. 

  1. The first important thing is to think carefully before saying yes to a person. If you are not sure to write a positive recommendation letter for someone you can politely refuse. Agreeing to write a letter means you are comfortable in writing a letter in a positive light.
  2. Getting all the necessary information is very important. Make sure you have all the relevant details required. You can also ask for a resume of the candidate to be sure of what to write and endorse their skills accordingly.
  3. A strong recommendation letter is the one that efficiently connects a person to the job. Relate the candidate’s skills and experience with the job listing.
  4. Use an example to endorse a candidate’s skill. Talk about the time he or she went above or beyond in the specific project.
  5. Thoroughly proofread and edit a recommendation letter before finally sending it to the concerned person. 
  6. Use the format that is recommended by the company. In other cases, you can use the business letter format as well.
  7. Writing a recommendation letter on a positive note is also very helpful for the candidate. Otherwise, it may hurt their chances of selection.
  8. Strictly follow the instructions and deadline provided to you by either candidate or the hiring company.

Format of a Recommendation Letter

The format must include five basic yet important elements:

A Brief Introduction

  • Who you are
  • Your relationship with the candidate
  • Your personal experience/expertise

An Overview

  • Strengths of the candidate
  • Relation of these strengths with the recipient company

A Personal Story

  • Traits possessed by the candidate
  • Work-related habits and skills
  • Relationship of a candidate with the colleagues

A Closing Statement

  • Why is the candidate good-fit for the role and company

A Signature

  • Name 
  • Contact information

Samples of Recommendation Letters for Employees

If you are writing a recommendation letter as a manager, employer, or supervisor, it is important to keep in mind that it should be well-written, depicting the capabilities of a person, and in a convincing tone to secure the position of the candidate. Listed below are some samples of recommendation letters for candidates that can be of great help.

Recommendation Letter by a Manager

Recommendation Letter by a Supervisor

Recommendation Letter for a Promotion

Recommendation Letter by a Former Boss (Email)

Concluding Remarks

I hope you liked these samples of recommendation letters and gathered the inspiration to write one of your own. Make the recommendation letter as convincing as possible!

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