Samsung’s new 110-inch MicroLED ‘Wall’ Television

Samsung's new 110 inch MicroLED 'Wall' Television

Samsung’s vision for its product line-up is always one step ahead of its competitors. The constant innovation keeps the tech giant on top of its game.

‘Wall’ TV is here

Samsung just launched a 110-inch MicroLED TV, and it is up for pre-sale in korea. Samsung first revealed the 146-inch TV called The Wall at CES 2018. The tech giant has been producing massive displays that use MictoLED for the past two years.

Coming with a massive 110-inch MicroLED display, the TV is not modular like it’s predecessors. Instead, it is prefabricated and comes with the same smart functionality.

The new technology uses micrometer sized LED lights that are self-illuminating. Giving a brighter display but with deep levels of black. It is a 4K HDR TV, with a micro AI processor that optimizes the picture quality in real-time. The MicroLED’s promise a lifespan of  100,000 hours of viewing which is quite more than the OLED screen technology.

The most unique and new feature of the ‘Wall’ is that it can split four sources of content and simultaneously display them, each taking up to a 55-inch screen. This feature is really going to excite sports lovers who can keep up with four different sports at once.

Samsung has not spilled any detail about the price of the product yet. But, the Tv will be available globally from the first quarter of the coming year.

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