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colleges in Islamabad

In today’s era choosing the right school for your kid is such a task, because you will find a school with promising results in every street. Hence, it is difficult to understand which one is up to the mark and which one is not suitable for your children. You will find more than 200 hundred schools only in Islamabad. Since school plays a major role in setting the base for children and that is the most crucial stage of their learning therefore parents try to select the best ones for them.

Best Schools in Islamabad 

We are presenting you the list of top schools in Islamabad, to save your time of doing all the research work.

Best Schools in IslamabadAddressContact Number
Beaconhouse School SystemI-9 Markaz, Islamabad.051 4261044
Roots Millennium schoolHouse number 308 Street 3, I-9/3, Islamabad.0331 5060561
The City SchoolGT Road, DHA Campus, Islamabad.051 5208090 
Froebels International School10 Street 13, F7/2 , Islamabad.051 2652165
Army Public School and CollegeDHA Phase II, Islamabad.051 2311381
HeadStart School GT Road, opposite DHA 1, Gate 2, Islamabad. 051 8350364
School NovaStreet 8, F8/3, Islamabad.051 2855003
OPF SchoolH9/4, Islamabad.051 4434534
Pak Turk Maarif International Schools and collegesPark Road, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad.051 8466664
Islamabad Convent SchoolSector F8/4, Islamabad.051 4939291

Beaconhouse School System

schools in islamabad

All of you have heard the name of Beacon house because the school has created a good impression among us. The school was started in 1975 for toddlers in Lahore and it was previously named as Les Anges Montessori Academy. Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri was the founder of the school. However, you can see the school has now expanded not only in various cities of Pakistan but also internationally in many countries all around the world. The school has more than 136 branches in various cities of Pakistan. 

Through a partnership with Gymboree Play and Music and Concordia to offer unique and relevant knowledge to graduate students, Beacon House has grown into an international network of private schools. Preschool, primary, and secondary education, as well as preparation for the worldwide exams of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) and the Local Secondary School Certificate, are all offered at Beacon House Islamabad (SSC).

Programs offered by Beacon house are:

  • Early Years
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Matriculation
  • O/A levels

Fee Range: The fees ranges from PKR 15000 to PKR 33000 per month.

Address: I 9 Markaz, Islamabad.

Contact Number: 051 4261044

Roots Millennium School

schools in islamabad

The School was first established in 1988 by Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq in Rawalpindi, However the school has campuses in many cities of Pakistan. The school is committed to provide quality education to the childrens by becoming a global school. Roots Millennium offers education from kindergarten through college, as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. This school offers club activities such as Reader’s club, Sports club, Artist club, and Nature’s Creatures club in addition to traditional instruction. Roots Millennium has been in the education field for over 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge about how to educate our children.

Roots is offering the following programs on their campus:

  • Montessori
  • Primary
  • Lower Secondary
  • Matriculation
  • FSC
  • A Levels

Fee Range: The fees ranges from PKR 20000 to PKR 33000 per month.

Address: House number 308 Street 3, I-9/3, Islamabad.

Contact Number: 0331 5060561 

The City School

schools in islamabad

The City School, founded in Karachi in 1978, is now one of the world’s largest private school networks. With over 500 schools and over 150,000 students, they continue to expand their footprint in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, the Philippines, Oman, and Saudi Arabia to fulfil the growing demand for quality education and to maintain a strong worldwide presence.

Students are guided from Nursery to Cambridge International Examinations (CAIE), qualifying them for IGCSE, O and A Level examinations, using a knowledge and skills-based curriculum taken from the UK national curriculum.

Although, City offers a lot of programs, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Early Years
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • O/A Levels
  • Matriculation
  • FSC (Pre-Engineering)

Fee Ranges: The fees ranges from PKR 11000 to 15000 per month.

Address: GT Road, DHA Campus, Islamabad.

Contact Number: 051 5208090 

Froebels International School

schools in islamabad

Froebel’s International School began in 1975 with ten kids, four teachers, and a dream. Mrs. Sabiha Zamir Khan’s aim for education was to equip students with the intellectual and personal qualities necessary to become productive members of society; self-assured, well-spoken, flexible thinkers capable of making a good contribution in whichever profession they choose. According to current research, this is the type of learning that schools should emphasise.Froebel’s has expanded into various places since its humble beginnings in a section of a house, although the Head Office remains in Islamabad. 

Over the last four decades, the school network has grown to include eight sites in five cities, with approximately 400 faculty members. Today, they are delighted to be the leading educational institution that provides academic, athletic, extracurricular, and social opportunities for generations of students. The school staff and administration seek to help students to make a smooth transition into further education and adult life by providing a carefully calibrated mix of independence and supervision.

Programs are:

  • Pre-School
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • O/A Levels

Fee Range: The fee ranges from PKR 12000 to PKR 26000 per month.

Address: 10 Street 13, F7/2 , Islamabad.

Contact Number: 051 2652165

DHAI Army Public School and College

schools in islamabad

The top school run by the Pakistan Army is Army Public School. The school is noted for its high educational standards and may be found all over Pakistan. It has a long history of outstanding achievers. When it comes to the Pakistan Army, you can always count on the education and personality development of your child. 

The Army Public Schools and Colleges System is a central coordinating agency that ensures uniformity and standardisation among Army Public Schools and Colleges branches throughout Pakistan. Its mission is to transform Army Public Schools & Colleges into a leading educational system that is fully standardised and capable of providing child-friendly futuristic learning and high-quality education at a reasonable cost.

School offers the following programs:

  • Pre-School
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Higher Secondary
  • Matriculation
  • FSC Pre-engineering/ Pre-Medical
  • O/A Levels

Fee Range: The fees ranges from PKR 12000 to PKR 20000 per month.

Address: DHA Phase II, Islamabad.

Contact Number: 051 2311381

HeadStart School

schools in islamabad

It was founded in 1991 and now has branches in more than ten locations throughout Islamabad. Aside from fundamental extracurricular activities, the school offers various clubs such as the robotic society and HSMUN. When children first enrol at Headstart, they are instilled with a sense of belonging, acceptance, respect, and accountability that will aid them in achieving success and greatness in all aspects of their lives. Many of their students start their education at the Montessori and complete their A level. 

Students are expected to find fresh and relevant ways to challenge and distinguish themselves intellectually, as well as become responsible citizens of a larger community, during that period. Students are encouraged to seek inspiration from their instructors, advisers, coaches, and classmates, and to contribute in a variety of ways to their school and peers. 

Programs offered by HeadStart are:

  • Montessori till A- Level

Fee Range: The fees ranges from PKR 12000 to PKR 30000 per month.

Address: GT Road, opposite DHA 1, Gate 2, Islamabad.

Contact Number: 051 8350364

School Nova

schools in islamabad

Schola Nova is a local private school in Islamabad’s downtown area. Since August 1998, School Nova has been educating Pakistan’s youth, with students ranging from Pre-nursery to O’Level and from all walks of life. In addition to HSMUN, School Nova seeks to ensure that every student achieves academic achievement, develops intellectual curiosity, and grows into a responsible global citizen. Schola Nova encourages open cooperation in order to foster a student-centred, inquiry-based learning environment that fosters motivated, global-minded individuals.

School nova offers the following program:

  • Pre-School
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • O-level

Fee Range: The fees ranges from PKR 8000 to PKR 15000 per month.

Address: Street 8, F8/3, Islamabad.

Contact Number: 051 2855003

OPF School

schools in islamabad

Since its inception in 1979, the OPF has worked to construct a high-quality education system throughout the country, including in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Its branches include 24 educational institutions with a total enrollment of 17000 students. The educational system provides exceptional education to the children of Overseas Pakistanis from Pre-Nursery to Graduation. Education at the O-level and A-level is also accessible in Islamabad’s educational institutions. OPF provides the essential structures, human resources, financial resources, and administrative and management assistance to ensure high-quality service delivery.

OPF is offering following programs to the students:

  • Pre-Nursery
  • Secondary
  • Higher Secondary
  • O/A Levels

Fee Range: The fees ranges from PKR 14000 to PKR 20000 per month.

Address: H9/4, Islamabad.

Contact Number: 051 4434534

Pak Turk Maarif International Schools and Colleges

Education is vital for two fraternal countries, Turkey and Pakistan, not only for their future via the next generation, but also for bringing them closer together. The academic development strategy and approach of Pak Turk aims for the greatest possible quality and standard in our programmes. 

To instil the philosophy of “Two Nations, One Future,” Pak-Turk Maarif International Schools and Colleges provide students with an inspiring, value-integrated, and progressive learning environment. Students are also encouraged to compete in national and international competitions, and teachers are recognised for their efforts.With 27 campuses and over 13 thousand students across Pakistan, Pak-Turk Maarif International Schools and Colleges has been serving the community for education.

The School is offering the following courses:

  • Pre School
  • Junior School
  • Middle School 
  • Secondary School
  • Higher Secondary School
  • International GCE examination
  • O Levels 
  • A levels

Fee Range: The fees ranges from PKR 15000 to PKR 20000 per month.

Address: Park Road, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad.

Contact Number: 051 8466664

Islamabad Convent School

The school is considered as the leading educational institute in Islamabad. Islamabad Convent School is under the administration of Catholic church. For SSC, the Convent School is affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad, while for O Levels, it is linked with the University of Cambridge. The school features a purpose-built campus, qualified staff, science labs, a computer lab, a disciplined environment, sports facilities, and extracurricular activities for youngsters.

Courses offered by Islamabad Convent School are:

  • Nursery 
  • KG
  • Prep
  • Class 1 to 10
  • O Levels
  • A Levels

Fee Range: The fees ranges from PKR 5000 to PKR 10000 per month.

Address: Sector F8/4, Islamabad.

Contact Number: 051 4939291

A Better Tomorrow is Waiting!

School plays an integral role in the mental, physical and character development of your child; therefore, pick the one that not only allows them to grow academically but also enhance their skills and talent. A school that will polish the uniqueness of each student will allow your child to excel in life.

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