6 Skills That You Can Learn From Azad Chaiwala’s Institute


After efficiently heading Mirpur Institute, Azad Chaiwala has opened a new institute in Islamabad to teach IT skills to more students. His next destinations are Lahore and Karachi.

Azad Chaiwala is a multi-millionaire Pakistani businessman born in the United Kingdom who opened his first IT institute in Mirpur in 2017. His institute has been running well for over five years and has generated thousands of professional IT workers.

Azad believes that competency-based learning, in which everyone learns practical skills and applies them immediately to the market, will fully replace the degree. The entrepreneur has now decided to relocate to one of Pakistan’s main cities and has opened a new institute in Islamabad. 

From basic computer skills to the most advanced programming and videography techniques, you can gain professional IT expertise at his this establishment. 

Courses Offered By Azad Chaiwala Institute:

Enroll in one of these short courses at the Islamabad branch of the Azad Chaiwala Institute. The IT courses offered here will cost you less than a semester but will be worth more than your entire degree. 

Here are the complete details of all the six courses available at Azad Chaiwala institute islamabad:

1- Videography

Students can learn about various DSRL processes, and procedures as well as become experts in using several different lenses and frame rates by taking this short course. The course gives learners detailed instruction and hands-on experience with DSLRs and videography. The best part? There is no prerequisite knowledge of videography required; anyone can become a professional by attending this course.

Duration: Four weeks

Price: PKR 39,000

2- Video Editing 

For those aiming to learn advanced video editing skills with the latest softwares like final cut pro and adobe premier pro, their video editing course can help. This is a four-week course that is available for 39,000 only. Indeed, this skill provides various work opportunities to learners as most video content we see on the internet on daily basis has usually been edited by video editors. If you want, you can even start freelancing with this skill. Also, if you are unable to take physical classes at Azad’s institute, there is an option of online classes as well. 

Duration: Four weeks

Price: PKR 39, 000

3- Programming course

Their programming course is the lengthiest of all the courses available. It begins with web development and progresses to app development. Those who practice their programming instructions consistently for a couple of months acquire a solid job as a programmer at any software firm. HTML5, CSS, Javascript, React, and PHP programming are some of the course contents. By taking this course, you can also start your own software company. It will boost your self-esteem, abilities, and creativity.

Duration: Ten weeks

Price: PKR 195,000

4- Digital Marketing

For individuals who want to learn how to run paid advertisements on the internet in depth, their digital marketing course is the best. It teaches you how to execute paid ads on the internet in detail. Learn about the fastest-rising digital marketing tactics, such as Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more. All you need is a computer—and no prior expertise. Because every company wants to publish adverts on social networking sites, this skill is in high demand. You can make a lot of money if you freelance or have a remote position in any foreign organization.

Duration: Four weeks

Price: PKR 95,000

5- Graphic Designing

Join this course if you want to learn advanced photo editing, animation, and illustration skills through hands-on training. Azad offers you your own personal drawing tablet for personalized training, and you can also purchase those tablets later for a significantly lower price than the market. Professional graphic design applications such as Correl Draw, Adobe PhotoShop, and Adobe Illustrator are covered in this course.

Duration: Four weeks

Price: PKR 39,000

6- Computer Course

Azad Chaiwala’s institute also offers basic computer courses. The course takes around 40 hours, which may be completed in as little as a week. It is especially good for those who are new to computers and have no prior experience because it teaches extremely fundamental concepts. You will, for example, learn how to utilize Microsoft Office, operating systems, spreadsheets, and other software.

Duration: 4 weeks

Price: PKR 9,500

Azad Chaiwala – A Brief Profile

Azad Chaiwala

A British-Pakistani entrepreneur, Azad Chaiwala became a millionaire through information technology at the age of 21. He has over a billion active users on his gaming platform and over a billion downloads of his apps to date, with more on the way. Furthermore, from his schools, over 10 lakh students have learned skills that have enabled them to earn a living. The Chaiwala focuses on teaching young people how to make money, gain skills, and become important members of society. 

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