Playstation May Adopt NFTs and Blockchain Technology, Patent Reveals


According to the latest patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the PlayStation parent company may be interested in adopting NFTs and blockchain technology on its platform.

As per sources, the patent is titled, “Tracking Unique In-Game Digital Assets Using Tokens on a Distributed Ledger”

Furthermore, it discusses a revolutionary system that tracks the history of a unique in-game object using blockchain technology.

Sony then relates the in question digital assets to sports memorabilia in the background section, saying that “individuals often find it significant to acquire or utilize distinctive physical artifacts associated with renowned celebrities”. 

The patent proposes that fans may desire to collect in-game things owned or made by renowned gaming influencers, stating that the collected data might demonstrate if, for example, an item was utilized by a player to win a big game championship.

The transfer of items between games and even between platforms is also discussed in the patent.

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