10 Trendy Sunglasses Designs for Men & Women in 2022

sun glasses designs for men and women

Sunglasses are an essential item that add style to your look. They can uplift an attire and make it look chic, put together, and stylish instantly. 

If you are looking for a new pair or want to get your first one, here are some popular options that you should consider. But first, lets see what you should look for in a pair of sunglasses before buying.

What to look for in Sunglasses? 

Here are two things to check in a pair of sunglasses to ensure maximum benefits.

Opt for 100% UV protection 

UV protection is a must feature in sunglasses. It saves your eye from muscular degeneration, cataracts, and other vision-related issues. 

So make sure the sunglasses you buy, offer 100% UV protection and not just a trendy design that won’t save your eyes. 

Buy polarized + UV protected glasses

Polarized glasses are helpful in reducing the glaring effect that is caused by light reflecting from surfaces. 

While wearing glasses the glaring effect can make you uncomfortable that is why a polarized lens is very helpful. For maximum benefits try to get a pair with a polarized and a UV-protected lens.

Top Sunglasses 

Below are some very popular brands selling the best sunglasses in Pakistan. We have added the top sellers from each brand along with their features. 

1. Ray-ban 

Ray-Ban is a globally renowned brand for sunglasses and other eye wears. The American-Italian brand was launched in 1936 and currently has stores around the world. 

In Pakistan, Ray-Ban products are sold at multiple locations and some of their best selling items are listed below: 

a. Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Green (Men and Women)

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Green 

These pairs of sunglasses come in a timeless design that is an iconic staple. They are loved by celebrities, artists, and the entire fashion community and so you should get one for your collection. 


The Ray-Ban Wayfarer Green offers the following features:

  • 4 color options: Green Classic, Brown Classic, Black, and Light Brown Gradient
  • Comes in both polarized and non-polarized varieties
  • Available in standard and large sizes
  • Lens category 3 (provide high UV and sun glare protection) 
  • Square shape
  • The lens color is green

b. Ray-Ban Chris (Men and Women)

Ray-Ban Chris

The Ray-Ban Chris is inspired by Erika style reflecting a high street look. The glasses come with muscular square-shaped lenses, with a gummy and rubberized frame finish, offering a textured look. 


The Ray-Ban Chris offers the following features: 

  • 15 color options including Silver Mirror, Grey Gradient, Blue Mirror, Blue Classic, Brown Gradient, Green Classic
  • Comes in non-polarized varieties
  • The lens color is blue
  • Standard Size
  • Lens category 3 (provide high UV and sun glare protection) 
  • Square shape

c. Ray-Ban Blaze Aviator 

Ray-Ban Blaze Aviator 

Ray-Ban took its most popular design and made it the best, in the form of a Blaze Aviator. The flat lens, bold double bridge, tough metal tones, and stunning gradient lenses make this series a collector’s item. 


The Ray-Ban Blaze Aviator offers the following features: 

  • 5 color options including Green Classic, Blue Gradient Mirror, Grey Gradient, Brown Gradient, light Blue Gradient
  • Comes in non-polarized varieties
  • The lens color is brown
  • Small and Standard Size
  • Lens Category 3 (provide high UV and sun glare protection) 
  • Shape is pilot

d. Ray-Ban Erika Classic (Men and Women)

Ray-Ban Erika Classic

With the classic and bright rubber fronts, tone-on-tone temple tips, and metal temples, the Ray-Ban Erika Classic is a masterpiece to grab. 

The oversized glasses offer 100% protection and give you more coverage from sun rays. 


The Ray-Ban Erika Classic offers the following features:

  • 5 color options: Grey Gradient, Brown Gradient (Gunmetal), Green Classic, Violet/Brown Gradient, Brown Gradient (Silver)
  • Comes in both polarized and non-polarized varieties
  • Available in standard size
  • Lens Category 2 (provides UV protection) 
  • Shape Phantos

2. Bally

It is another great option when it comes to sunglasses. The brand was founded in the year 1851 in Switzerland and is a long-standing brand offering high-end products. 

a. Bally Men Sunglasses BY2001

Bally Men Sunglasses BY2001 (Men)

The Bally Men sunglasses are crafted from plastic and carefully designed to display a bold look and a stylish flair every time you wear them. 


  • Square shape
  • Single vision
  • Brown color
  • UV Protection

3. Salvatore

Salvatore is a high-end brand with a rich history dating back to 1898. The brand started with shoe making and now sells multiple luxury items. 

a. Salvatore Ferragamo Butterscotch SF825S (Men)

Salvatore Ferragamo Butterscotch SF825S

These pairs of sunglasses come in a unique style that is hard to find anywhere else. The lenses come with the signature Ferragamo Gancini on the temples making them a special pair to collect. 


The Salvatore Ferragamo Butterscotch sunglasses come with the following features: 

  • Square shape
  • Yellow/ gold color tones
  • Grey-blue lenses
  • Single vision
  • UV Protection

4. Gucci

Gucci is one of those luxury brands which never loses its charm. Founded in 1921, it is an Italian luxury fashion house with high-end products that are unmatched! 

a. Gucci GG0200S (Men and Women)

Gucci GG0200S (Men and Women)

The classic black and golden Gucci sunglasses symbolize luxury. The stylish golden frame is a show stopper and the UV protection makes sure your eyes never lose their shine. 


The Gucci GG0200S offers the following features:

  • UV protection
  • Non-polarized lens
  • Available in different shades of gold like Light Blue Gold, and Endure Gold

b. Gucci Sunglasses GG0092S

Gucci Sunglasses GG0092S

The stunning Gucci Sunglasses GG0092S is a timeless addition to your collection with an oversized look to give you maximum sun protection. 


The Gucci GG0092S-002 offers the following features:

  • UV protection
  • Non-polarized lens
  • Available in different gradient shades 

5. Marshall 

Founded in 2015, this rising brand takes inspiration from music and brings it to life, in its handmade sunglasses. 

a. Marshall Mick Matte Gunmetal Sunglasses

Marshall Mick Matte Gunmetal Sunglasses

The aviator frame and the semi-matte metal finish, make this pair a stylish option to buy within a small budget. 


The Marshall Mick Matte Gunmetal Sunglasses offer these features: 

  • Pilot Shape
  • Available in Single Vision, Bifocal, Progressive 
  • Available in colors like Gold, Black, and Gun tone
  • UV Protection

6. Gant

Gant is another economical brand that was founded in 1949. It is an American Swedish clothing brand which also makes stylish sunglasses. 

a. Gant GA7094-1 Sunglasses

Gant GA7094-1 Sunglasses

The classic rectangle shape of the glasses makes it a daily wear piece, that can be worn formally and casually. 


The Gant GA7094-1 Sunglasses offer these features: 

  • Rectangle shape
  • Comes with a user manual
  • Best for medium size faces
  • UV Protection

Get the Perfect Sunglasses Today! 

In this article, we explored top sunglasses brands and their best products to understand how each differed from the other. 

Brands like Ray-Ban, Bally, Salvatore, and Gucci have been satisfying customers for years and their products are worth collecting. 

Marshall and Gant are economical options that offer great value at a relatively low price. 

While you may get just one pair, a high-quality piece will last you a lifetime.  Therefore, we recommend investing in a good pair of sunglasses. 

Note: The article doesn’t intent to show any competition between the brands. Every brand mentioned, has its own unique features and products to choose from.

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