A friend writes a blog about the man lynched in the Swat incident.

A friend writes a blog about the man lynched in the Swat incident.

Sulemain Qamar was brutally burned alive by mobs in swat over the allegation of blasphemy. His friend advocate Jawad Mir wrote a blog for him. According to him 

Sulemain belongs to a humble family. His father died at a younger age, and he faced alot of financial crises, but he didn’t give up. He went abroad after his intermediate exams.

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According to Jawab, Suleiman was a poetry lover. He loved the poetry and quotes of Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Allama Iqbal. He was lively and wanted to study the Quran in depth. Recently, he was upset about his family’s issues with property. But he said his friend never showed any hatred towards Islam and the Quran. He was not involved in any religious debut.  

Suleiman distanced himself from many of his friends due to property issues. He meets with a few friends but never says a word against Islam. He used to listen to Jawed Ahmed Ghamidi’s lectures and was an avid reader of Moulana Rumi.

He further said: 

 “These aspects of Sulaiman’s life are important to present to all of you because of how easy it is to make serious accusations and kill someone in the worst possible way without investigation,”

He urged that police should handle such matters lawfully, and called for security for Suleiman’s family and punish who are responsible.

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