Tanzila Khan becomes the first-ever Amal Clooney Women’s empowerment Award Winner

Tanzila Khan becomes the first-ever Amal Clooney Women’s empowerment Award Winner

Tanzila Khan was honoured on Tuesday, May 24, at the Prince’s Trust International awards ceremony in London for her remarkable work in transforming women’s perceptions regarding menstrual, reproductive health, and maternity products.

A Sialkot native, Tanzila Khan, is an amazing Pakistani women’s rights activist, businesswoman, and student. At the award ceremony, Amal Clooney, a human rights lawyer, accompanied Prince Charles in bestowing the Women’s Empowerment Award to the activist. The award is intended to pave the path for future young entrepreneurs.

Tanzila Khan also previously remained in highlight for her trip to Egypt with two other women in wheelchairs. Despite their impotence to walk and confinement to wheelchairs, all three women went on to accomplish remarkable things and showed a different side of their disability. 

At The Prince’s Trust Awards 2022, Khan was honoured for her firm “Girlythingspk”, which seeks to improve women’s access to pregnancy,  menstruation, and reproductive health products. The company helps differently-abled menstruates overcome unnecessary barriers by allowing them to acquire hygiene products and kits online owing to a lack of appropriate facilities in retail stores. You, too, can get all the menstruation supplies and other items to your door in a couple of days. 

The activist also turned to Instagram to share a photo of herself and Prince Charles from the event.

This picture was shared along with a short note in which the activist humbly referred to herself as the first-ever Amal Clooney Women’s Empowerment Award Winner and discussed how she has been inspiring women throughout her life. 

Khan has made significant contributions to women’s empowerment throughout her activism career and has led numerous workshops and training sessions on the subject. She has highlighted women’s menstrual, reproductive health and maternity issues and helped and continues to serve millions of Pakistani women with emergency menstruation kits through her app “girlythingspk. The activist has also published two books. She authored the first one, ‘A Story of Mexico,’ when she was 16 and published her second book, ‘The Perfect Situation.’ after some time.

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