The Next Big Thing: Pakistan’s First Authorized Google Store

The Next Big Thing: Pakistan’s First Authorized Google Store

Amidst all the news about banning and unbanning social media applications by authorities, we’ve finally come up with a piece of exciting news from the world of tech and telecom! 

Google’s Here!

Yes, you read that absolutely right! Google is here in Pakistan. With hundreds of authorized stores world-wide, google finally has one in Pakistan as well. Google just opened a new state of the art creative experience store in Pakistan. The location of this first-ever flagship phone is situated in Lahore’s commercial area of DHA phase 1. The store is equipped with premium Google products. 

Do you know what that means? For the first time in Pakistan, customers who prefer Google products, such as the Google Pixels devices, Nest products, Chromecast dongles, and accessories can be purchased directly from the authorized store. 

This new flagship store in Lahore is set to boost the customers’ buying experience by giving the die-hard Google fans an opportunity to experience the environment. Not only the experience, but it will also allow people to get their hands on the latest Google Products without any delay. Long lines outside the stores at 4 in the morning? Yes, we’re absolutely set to see that on new product launches. 

Everything we know!

Users always want a hands-on experience before buying a certain product and these days it’s all about the user experience. What you show to the customers and the experience you offer is what sells. With the Google store, users will have dedicated interactive spaces, where they can view the product physically and also make comparisons with other devices. This unique feature will enhance the user’s buying experience. Google will also appoint an official salesperson who will cater to the requests of people, any product related queries and, any after sales requests. 

Currently, Google is operating as one of the top brands globally and continues to attract people towards itself with its innovation packed products and steps to enhance the user experience. Such launches will further enhance the user experience but at the same time help countries like Pakistan develop, economically. With big companies like Google, stepping into Pakistan will give the country a boost towards digitalization, which seems to be one of the main focuses of this government and it should be since its the future. 

Not only will Pakistan be a favorable environment for Google, since it’s an untapped market, it will also make a variety of products available for the people of Pakistan.   

So, no more waiting for your favorite aunt, who’s flying to Pakistan from abroad, bringing your new Google device that you have been patiently timing for. With the authorized store for the first time in Pakistan, not only will you be able to purchase the product as it launches worldwide you’ll also get to view the product and specification in the interactive spaces before you spend your money.

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