The Ultimate Guide to Choose The Best Cooling Fans

best cooling fans

Cooling fans are the cost-effective option to boost airflow into sweltering areas. In this scorching heat where cooling is a necessity, air conditioners can cost a heap of money which everyone can’t afford. The best cooling fans mentioned here provide ALMOST the same cooling as an air-conditioner with such a fraction of the price. 

Things to Consider When Buying Cooling Fans:

  1. If you have decided to buy a plastic air cooling fan, the material should be of high quality.
  2. The presence of a grill is very important for the air to move smartly. 
  3. Choose a cooling fan according to the capacity of your area where you wish to place it.

Pros and Cons of Plastic Cooling Fans

Plastic cooling fans give a smart and fancy look to be placed inside rooms or shops.Plastic cooling fans create humidity inside the room after long usage.
For long-term use, plastic cooling fans are preferred.They are fragile and have a chance of breakage.
They are useful for indoor settings.They are difficult to repair because the parts are not easily available in the market.
They are corrosion-resistant.They are expensive as compared to metal cooling fans.
They are lightweight and quiet.

Pros and Cons of Metal Cooling Fans

Metal cooling fans are more durable.Metal cooling fans are susceptible to corrosion.
They are easily repairable and their parts are easily available in the market.Metal blades are susceptible to balancing problems if not handled correctly.
They are mostly preferred for outdoor settings.They can create a loud noise due to vibration.
They are cheap as compared to plastic cooling fans.

Whether you are choosing metal or plastic fans, it is important to care for both products for long-term usage. 

Best Cooling Fans Available in the Market

Below mentioned candidates are the best at providing plastic cooling fans.

1. Geepas Cooling Fan

Geepas is an international brand with an extensive range of household products. Among other products, they have a range of cooling fans available at the fraction of the electricity cost. The cooling fans are manufactured with top-class technology and lasting quality. Geepas offers superior value-for-money products with wholesome customer satisfaction. The types of cooling fans available by them in the market are:

  • 3-mode air cooler and humidifier
  • Double blower air cooler with humidifier
  • Blower air cooler
  • Rechargeable fan air cooler

All these models have intriguing specifications that match perfectly with customers’ needs.

2. Boss Cooling Fan

Boss is a Pakistan-based company famous for its durability and fine quality. They always introduce products in the market considering the needs and requirements of local customers. Boss cooling fans are highly economical and efficient at the same time. They are best for use in hot and humid weather conditions. They come in different sizes based on the area being used. For rooms, they offer portable cooling fans whereas for bigger spaces they have heavy-duty coolers. They have gained a high demand in Pakistan. 

3. Sogo Cooling Fan

The Sogo covers a range of rechargeable cooling fans for a solution to the energy crisis in Pakistan. It is a dominant brand providing empowerment to its users with the most reliable products. The best part about Sogo cooling fans is their rechargeable battery feature for uninterrupted sleep during load-shedding. Sogo cooling fans provide user-friendly cooling anywhere at any time. They are differentiated based on battery capacity. Choose according to the battery capacity you desire. They also have a remote control feature and LED light for use in the dark. 

4. Super Asia Cooling Fan

Super Asia cooling fans are manufactured from brilliant materials with superior quality standards for their durability and efficiency. They have some models with remote control features and an evaporative air cooler. In their latest cooling fans, they have launched three variants:

  1. Simple model evaporative cooler
  2. Plus model with top bottles
  3. An auto model with remote control

Super Asia also offers warranty cards for its customers. 

5.  Orient Cooling Fan

Orient offers a range of unique and stylish electric cooling fans available in the market. They are energy efficient with an imported evaporative cooling pad for maximum cooling. The features of Orient cooling fans differ according to their air-blowing system. They have easy installation and easy maintenance. They have taken measures for their cooling fans to prevent dust, objects, and water droplets from entering inside. The best part about their cooling fans is their ability to automatically turn on and off after the temperature meets the set setting. 

6.  Pak Fan Cooling Fan

Pak Fan has extended its presence in the international market by giving outstanding quality and great value. Manufactured with international safety standards, Pak Fan offers a range of cooling fans having seven different models available. They have an optimum cooling efficiency and less energy consumption. All cooling fans have a plastic body that is shock and rust-proof. 

7. GFC Cooling Fan

GFC is a pioneer in introducing cutting-edge technology to its fans. They have a pedestal mist fan that gives the function of the cooling fan. It helps by reducing the ambient heat in an area up to 30% to keep the temperature cool. It has a superior quality aluminum alloy construction. The blades are aerodynamically designed to give maximum air delivery. GFC can create havens of comfort even on hot summer days. 

8. Sabro Cooling Fan

Sabro has made its mark in the market since 1988 with a number of home appliances ensuring greater customer satisfaction. They have eleven different models available at a very economical price. The models have the energy-saving capacity and some of them have a feature of ice gel bottles to be placed at the top for perfect cooling. 

Concluding Remarks

When you consider buying a cooling fan, the options are unlimited. I hope this guide seems helpful to make an informed purchase. 

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