10 Things to Consider While Visiting Northern Areas this Eid

things to consider when visiting northern areas during eid

Eid is one of the most-awaited and cherished events for Muslims around the world. One gets to spend quality time with friends and family and enjoy the festivities after a month of fasting. 

While many choose to celebrate eid at home, some love to travel, and for those adventurous people, here are 10 tips that can make their trip even more flavorful! 

10 Tips for a Smooth Trip This Eid

Below are 10 tips to consider before planning a trip up North. These are popular tips that will keep you stress-free throughout the trip. 

  • Plan Thoroughly
  • Pre-Book the Hotel
  • Check Tour Operators
  • Keep Cash at all times
  • Learn First Aid and Basic Survival Tactics
  • Try Local Foods
  • Carry Snacks, Water, and Medication
  • Bring Camping Supplies 
  • Keep Gadgets Charged at All Times
  • Carry Sims of Different Networks 

Now let’s talk about each point and why you should consider these before packing up your bags! 

1. Plan Thoroughly

Before you visit any city in the North this year, it’s important that you plan well in advance. You should decide on the venue, hotel and nearby places that you would like to visit before you leave. 

As the tourism sector is not that developed in Pakistan, talking to a local before visiting the venue is a great idea.  

He can guide you about possible roadblocks, overcrowded regions, and whether you should even visit that area or not. 

You should also take into account any government restrictions and possible weather concerns so you are well prepared for what’s to come. 

2. Pre-Book the Hotel

Pre-booking the hotel is very important before you visit a northern town. Whether your budget is low or high you should check hotels in that region and call each of them before leaving. 

That way you will know about available services, rooms, charges, food, nearby spots, etc. Ask them about their charges and taxes in detail and try to pay in advance so your room is reserved. 

You should also consider their reviews and ratings on multiple platforms to see if the hotel is worth the money or not. 

3. Check Tour Operators 

While a road trip with your family in your car has its charm, considering a tour company can be very helpful as well. 

There are multiple renowned tour companies in various cities offering multiple northern area tour packages. These companies manage travel, accommodation, food, activities, and much more for you. 

After you have paid them a fixed price you can travel stress and hassle-free and let them do all the work. 

Certain tour companies also offer camping, bonfire, music, and live BBQ deals making your trip extra special! 

4. Keep Cash at All Times

Northern areas are unfortunately underdeveloped and thus offer few ATMs and cash withdrawal services. With limited options in hand, keeping a safe amount of cash is crucial to a convenient and memorable trip. 

Based on your accommodation, food, and travel bills make sure you have enough cash to last in case there is an emergency. 

5. Learn First Aid and Basic Survival Tactics

While this is an unpopular opinion in Pakistan, abroad people are taught first aid and survival tactics so they can take life-saving steps in case of an emergency. 

We don’t intend to scare you at all but we recommend learning some basic skills like how to start a fire, first aid for someone injured or sick, how to set up a camp, etc. as it can prove life-saving in times of need. 

Considering the unfortunate Murree incident in January 2022, we all must learn from our mistakes. 

6. Try Local Food

Northern cuisine has its rich taste and delicate textures. While fast food and traditional Pakistani items are available almost everywhere, trying out authentic local cuisine should be on your list. 

Whether it’s Harissa in Hunza or Muskut in Skardu, the north has delicious food to offer and you should try it all!

7. Carry Snacks, Water, and Medication

Even if you are staying at a fancy hotel, carrying water, medication, and snacks like chocolate and nuts is very important. 

That is because as you travel or venture around places, you might get hungry. Having healthy snacks and water in a thermal flask at all times saves you the trouble of finding food stores. 

Staying hydrated is also very important as it keeps you healthy and active. Make sure you carry medication for cold, cough, flu, allergies, and bandages in case someone is wounded. 

You should explore more ideas of what to carry in your snack and medication bag online! 

8. Bring Camping Supplies 

While this is a precaution and not at all needed in most cases, carrying camping gear is a great backup plan. 

In case you don’t find a hotel or you are stuck in traffic, camping outside the car can keep you warm, and safe and you will have an adventurous tale to tell. 

If you are stuck at night in long lines of traffic, turning on the heater without proper ventilation can cause carbon monoxide poisoning which we saw in the Murree incident in 2022. 

Although the weather around eid will be quite warm, keeping camping gear just as a precaution can be a great idea! 

9. Keep Gadgets Charged at All Times

We cannot emphasize enough on this point. Keeping your phone, cameras, and power banks charged at all times is very important. 

While you may be tempted to scroll online or listen to music, make sure to not drain your battery as you will need it to call people, and traveling with a dead cellphone is ill-advised. 

If possible, keep a backup cell with long battery life so that when one phone drains out, the next can be used. 

10. Carry Sims of Different Networks 

While this tip might sound odd, it is very practical and can save you a lot of time. You may lose network in the northern regions where signals are weak and barely there in some very remote locations like Skardu. 

In such cases, if you carry sims of multiple networks, you may find one picking better signals than the other. Thus, try to keep at least 2-3 different sims so you can connect smoothly on your special trip! 

Happy Traveling to You! 

In this article, we mentioned 10 tips that can make your eid trip safe, convenient, and smooth. All of the above tips are very useful and we recommend you consider them all. 

We hope you have a wonderful time with your family, this Eid. Happy travel to you! 

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