10 BEST Things to Do in Maldives: For Couples & Singles

Things to do in the Maldives

The Maldives is a beautiful island situated on the banks of the Indian Ocean. It is a place to experience nature, meet the locals, and enjoy different adventures, and if you’re with your loved ones, you can always feel the romantic vibes in the air. The Maldives is a complete bundle of happiness and joy, and a perfect spot for a refreshing vacation. 

If you’re planning your next visit to the Maldives soon and not sure how to make the most out of your holidays, we got your back.

Things To Do in the Maldives

 Here is a list of 10 fun and entertaining things you can do in the Maldives to enjoy your next vacation.

  1. Hop around the island
  2. Taking a scenic flight over the island
  3. Paddle Boarding
  4. Fishing and Parasailing
  5. White Sand Beaches
  6. Go scuba diving
  7. Spending time with the locals
  8. Surfing 
  9. Setting up a romantic dinner
  10. Visiting a Spa

Let’s now state the details so you can enjoy your vacation with a to-do list in your hand. 

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1. Hop Around The Island

It is always a great idea to hop around and explore your vacation spot. Being a beautiful island, Maldives is a sight for sore eyes.  It is a small island with a great many local settlements that include people who live and work on the island. 

You can have a day trip to look around and connect with nature in the Maldives for a refreshing time. The people of Maldives follow a strict Islamic culture. They also sell their traditional as well as local arts and crafts, so you can always find great opportunities to explore around the Maldives. 

2. Taking a Scenic Flight over the Island

It is always a great option to take a scenic flight over the island of Maldives. The sea flight to your favorite resort is the best thing about the Maldives. They take you to your booked resort as you step onto the Maldives through a seaplane. The best part is to enjoy the different shades of blues and greens, and have a bird’s eye view of the islands, lagoons, the beaches, and the sandbars. 

You can always opt to choose to fly on a twin-engine seaplane as several resorts in the Maldives offer the option. Taking this scenic fli8ght over the island is always the most magical experience. 

3. Paddle Boarding 

The Maldives offers a great spot for standup paddle boarding. If you are not into surfing, this is another cool option to make the most out of your visit. 

Standup Paddle Boarding is one of its kind sports where you can paddle on the calm shallow water in the safe bays. Since the Maldives is surrounded by calm and crystal clear water, you can opt for this cool idea as well instead of surfing. The best thing about paddle boarding is the sheer and translucent shallow waters where you can see fishes swimming around your boards. 

4. Fishing and Parasailing

Fishing is another great sport that you can try during your visit to the Maldives. You can either join locals for spearfishing or you can go out for a regular fishing expedition with your partner. Both ways, you can enjoy your experience. The best catch in the Maldives is the Tuna.

Who doesn’t want to opt for parasailing, especially in this most scenic place? Parasailing is one of the coolest things to enjoy in the Maldives and to be honest, there is no other way you can appreciate the scenic views of this beautiful group of islands than from above. It is thrilling to enjoy the views from above the lands when you feel the wind breezing through your aura. 

5. White Sand Beaches

Next on our list of the top 10 things to enjoy in the Maldives, are the White Sand Beaches. 

Known for their white sand beaches that spread across the atolls, Maldives brings to you a complete feeling of paradise. And if you are a beach lover, you can enjoy the best time walking across the shores through the smooth sand and watching over the sheer and crystal clear water that surrounds the island.

Another best thing about the Maldives is that they include resorts where you can walk directly into the water from your bungalow, giving you complete privacy so you can enjoy the most at this paradise destination. 

6. Go Scuba Diving

Sea-lover or not, you shall not miss the opportunity of scuba-diving here. The Maldives is a spot for great adventures to enjoy your days off and scuba-diving is one of their premier tourist attractions. You can find here several affordable PADI diving courses to train for diving if you’re not certified already. 

Known for its crystal clear blue waters, Maldives is described as a phenomenal spot for scuba-diving. The warm shores that are rich in nutrients leave you wanting to spend more time at the beaches. 

There are different options for scuba-diving in the Maldives where you experience great marine life. Some of them include: 

  • Maaya Thila
  • Sun Islands
  • Banana Reef
  • Fish Head
  • Broken Rock
  • Miyaru Kandu
  • Five Rocks
  • Alimatha Jetty 

7. Spending Time with the Locals

When you are on a vacation, it is always a great idea to move around, explore, and spend time with the local residents of the place. This way you get to know people of different cultures and traditions, you learn about their background, and you surely make some new acquaintances. 

In the Maldives, you can find a diverse range of communities. Though local residents of Maldives belong to Islamic backgrounds, you can always benefit from their versatile norms and customs. Along with spending a great time with the locals, you are always welcome to buy their traditional arts and crafts and handcrafted pieces of jewelry. 

8. Surfing

As kids, we have always thought of surfing through the ravishing sea waves and enjoying the fun time. Well, the island of Maldives has it covered for you. Here you can benefit from the clear scenic beauty of the shores and the beautiful sand beaches, have an insight into marine life, and surf through the coolest beaches in the Maldives. In fact, if you do not know how to surf, you can always take lessons or you can grab a cup of coffee and watch the surfers surf through the waves. 

The Maldives is your go-to world-class surfing destination for its amazing scenic views, white sand beaches, refreshing ambiance, and cool marine life.

9. Setting Up a Romantic Dinner

Since you can sense love and romance in the air in the Maldives, why not set up a romantic dinner date for your partner? If you are traveling with your loved one, this can be your best move to spend quality time together. 

The food is served in buffet style mostly and you can always opt for a private waiter on your date night. The restaurants usually take reservations before the planned moment, so you can surprise your better half with an amazing sunset dinner date planned. The best ambiance is always guaranteed in the Maldives. 

10. Visiting a Spa

Now, who doesn’t like to take a day off and relax? We all love it. 

You can find the best spa services in the Maldives for the island was made for spending the best leisure time. In between making memories and enjoying your visit to the destination, you can take some time out to replenish and pamper yourself. 

Some of the best spas include: 

  • Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa
  • Sun Island Resort & Spa
  • Devarana Spa Maldives
  • Araamu Spa
  • The Over Water Spa
  • Premium Asian Massage Spa & Salon

Maldives – Paradise Destination For Your Next Tour

The Maldives is undoubtedly the best destination to spend your time in. It gives off the best vibes to spend quality time with and refreshes your life. The above-mentioned list of 15 things that you can do to enjoy your time in the Maldives can be of great help for your next visit. 

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