10 Fun Things You Must do in Turkey – 2022

things to do in turkey

Visiting Turkey can be such an exceptional experience for you because the Country offers so much to the tourists. There are so many places you can visit and relive the ancient histories. You can watch the mesmerising sceneries and float away all the stress that is occupying your mind. Although Turkey is filled with historical places, there are many fun activities you can do there during your stay. In this article, we are going to tell you about the fun activities you must try during your stay in Turkey because of YOLO!!!

Things to Do in Turkey

Here is the list of things you must do during your trip to Turkey, so you will not miss out on anything and enjoy each moment of your trip. 

Fun Things to Do in TurkeyLocation
Enjoy the Natural SaunaKale, 20190 Pamukkale/Denizli, Turkey.
The Hot Air Balloon RideNevşehir, Turkey.
Experience a Turkish BathMollafenari, Vezirhan Cd. No:8, 34440 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey.
Walk Through the Love Valley50180 Göreme/Nevşehir, Turkey
Paragliding Over OludenizFethiye Mugla, Turkey.
Try the Turkish TobaccoAnadolu Nargile, Çorlulu Ali Paşa Medresesi, Erenler Hookah, Turkey. 
Collect Artefacts for Your Loved Ones Back HomeWalled City of Istanbul, Turkey.
ReLive the HistoryKale, 06240 Altındağ/Ankara, Turkey.
Kayak Over the Sunken City of KekovaDerme, Antalya, Turkey.
Observe the Marine Life of TurkeyDoğukent Bulvarı Nata Vega Outlet,Akşemsettin, 06480 Mamak/Ankara, Turkey.

Enjoy the Natural Sauna

things to do in turkey

Pamukkale thermal pools provide you with a natural sauna that can be both refreshing and therapeutic. The white chalky landscape is formed by thermal springs that are loaded with various limestones and are formed in different shapes and sizes. The turquoise springs combined with the sky give a handful of sightseeing. Moreover, it has been believed that the pools are filled with healing water that can help in curing many ailments such as Skin issues, Asthma, Eye problems, and Rheumatism among many other diseases. 

Location: Kale, 20190 Pamukkale/Denizli, Turkey.

The Hot Air Balloon Ride

things to do in turkey

Another once in a lifetime experience is the ride on a Hot Air Balloon. Since the ride is not available everywhere and even if it is, the sightseeing Cappadocia is only available in Turkey. Since Cappadocia is known as one of the top destinations for Air Balloon rides. The ride is available all year round and in Cappadocia there is a lack of wildlife which allows the balloon to fly near the ground. You will get both a near and far view of Cappadocia and the fantastical rock formation view of the area. 

The overall flight time is approximately 45 minutes and you will be sharing the balloon with 14 to 16 other people. However, if you want a longer or private flight you can get that too by spending a little extra money on it. 

Location: Nevşehir, Turkey.

Experience a Turkish Bath

things to do in turkey

Cemberlitas Hamami is a very unique and cultural signature of Turkey. This is an old age bathhouse that was designed in 1584. The bath is so relaxing and different from the daily ritual bath you take. The bath includes a cleansing or relaxing therapy that involves sitting in a room filled with extremely hot air or steam for a period of time, followed by bathing and massage. Overall the bath is extremely relaxing and will wash away all the stress baggage you carry with yourself. 

Location: Mollafenari, Vezirhan Cd. No:8, 34440 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey.

Walk Through Love Valley 

things to do in turkey

Another experience you will get in Cappadocia is by walking in the valley of Love. The fairy chimney will mesmerise your eyes. The place is famous among couples for marriage proposals, so the love is actually in the air. The scenic sunset is a must experience if you are in the Love Valley. Plan an amazing picnic there with your partner and create an unforgettable memory for a lifetime.

Location: 50180 Göreme/Nevşehir, Turkey.

Paragliding Over Ölüdeniz

things to do in turkey

If you are not afraid of heights and seek adventure in your daily life then Paragliding is a must in Oludeniz. The total airborne time is 25 to 30 minutes and during this time you will sightsee the breathtaking view of the surrounding landscapes and other than that you will also soar over the famous blue lagoon. However, if you want more thrill you can ask your experienced pilot to give you a 360-degree spin in the air. You will feel the light breeze on your face; however, for a full experience make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes along with sunglasses. 

Location: Fethiye Mugla, Turkey.

Try The Turkish Tobacco 

things to do in turkey

Nargile Bars are the communal hookah pipe and another cultural tradition of Turkey. You can experience Turkish tobacco in the form of Nargile Bars. You can take the puff at the cafe where other eateries are served with the traditional water pipes. The overall experience will make you feel like one of the sultan of old times. 

Location: Anadolu Nargile, Çorlulu Ali Paşa Medresesi, Erenler Hookah, Turkey. 

Collect Artefacts for Your Loved Ones Back Home

things to do in turkey

Looking to transport anything back to your home? Aside from the endless memories and priceless moments that the city provides at every turn, it also has Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar or Kapali Carsisi, which will provide you with lots of trinkets to take home. The huge marketplace will captivate you at first because of its liveliness. The diverse collection of jewellery, relics, spices, antiques, handcrafted goods, and carpets is undoubtedly a treasure trove for a curator of one-of-a-kind items. What’s more, you have the option of haggling for your goods.

Location: Walled City of Istanbul, Turkey.

ReLive the History 

things to do in turkey

You can revive the history by visiting the Ankara castle, a jewel of the mediaeval era in Turkey, and is one of the country’s last standing fortifications from the 7th century. Ankara Castle has a long and varied history as a key structure for various civilizations, including the Romans, Byzantines, Crusaders, Ottomans, Seljuq Turks, and others. 

The grounds of this castle are also covered with residences from Turkey’s golden era, making it a heaven on earth for history aficionados. Designs and architectural styles from many periods can be seen that make one’s jaw drop. You can roam around the old architecture and also take a bus for sightseeing and touring the castle.

Location: Kale, 06240 Altındağ/Ankara, Turkey.

Kayak Over the Sunken City of Kekova

Turkey has many ancient remains than its popular neighbours, Italy and Greece, and is far less touristy. The Lycian Trail, which runs along the south coast, is one of the regions with a high concentration of ruins. Expect to see a metropolis with identifiable businesses and homes when you gaze down. This isn’t a film, but it’s still stunning. 

The pure water allows you to glimpse the ruins of a drowned town following an earthquake. Ruins can still be found on the shore, serving as relics of those who formerly lived here. The kayak excursion will end in Kalekoy, a lovely tiny town that can only be reached by boat. Spend a few hours in the sun, relaxing with a leisurely meal, going to some hilltop ruins, snorkelling with turtles, and indulging in the town’s famous goat milk ice cream.

Location: Derme, Antalya, Turkey.

Observe the Marine Life of Turkey

things to do in turkey

With a 105-metre-long tunnel aquarium, thematic aquarium tanks with more than 20 various themes and sizes, touch pools, a canteen, photographic points, and a souvenir shop. Aqua Vega Aquarium is home to Europe’s third-biggest tunnel aquarium, making it one of Europe’s largest underwater worlds. 

This aquarium is home to some of the most exotic aquatic species from all over the world, proving to be an ideal site for families to spend some quality time together. The Sea Shell Museum, Jungle Corner, Adrenaline World, and other exhibits at Aqua Vega let visitors get up close and personal with a variety of intriguing aquatic species, including sharks, Napoleon fish, clownfish, koi fish, and more. Aqua Vega also has a reptile house with toxic and exciting exotic live creatures in addition to the aquarium.

Location: Doğukent Bulvarı Nata Vega Outlet,Akşemsettin, 06480 Mamak/Ankara, Turkey.

It’s Time for a New Adventure!

You can experience a lot of new adventures and thrills in Turkey that can be some of the best memories of your lifetime. Therefore, start planning your trip today because you will never regret visiting Turkey. 

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