This Smart TV & its features will make you go bonkers!

This Smart TV & its features will make you gobonkers

Spending almost entire of 2020 inside our homes and on our couches has made us realize the importance of having a good home entertainment system. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like cstaying home and having entertainment just one button away? This is where EcoStar comes to save the day and rescue you from boredom.

The company recently released a new bezel-less television which is powered by Android 9.0 making it the most efficient and latest of the smart television in the market. Not just this, the television is packed with some of the most unique features that will definitely make you drool. So let’s not wait anymore and unpack some of the new features of EcoStar’s 960 Series.

1. Android TV

Everything these days is about ease and accessibility. We all prefer an operating system that is simple, understandable and friendly. This is where the Android 9.0 operating system comes into play. It not only is the latest Android operating system but it also gives a very diverse user experience as it has built-in Google play store with all your favorite applications such as Netflix, YouTube and Prime video etc. that will keep you hooked.

2. Voice Control

We’ve all been in a situation where the remote is at a slight distance from us and were just too lazy to move ourselves from our position to fetch the remote. Well, not anymore! This new television offers Voice Control. With the Google Assistant you can simply command the television to play your favorite songs, movies or even ask for weather updates. Not just this! With Smart Home Connectivity you can control anything around you with the help of a remote. Be it turning on/off the Ac to lights to simply wishing to find the best restaurants in your area.

3. One Button Access

The remote for this device is unlike any other. It has special dedicated buttons for applications such as Netflix, YouTube, Google Play and Prime video which are licensed. Making it easier for its users to navigate through without any hassle. Which means you can switch swiftly between the applications without wasting any time.

4. Enhanced Image Experience

Of Course the television offers a wider range of brightness and contrast so that you can watch stranger things without missing any detail. It has 4k Ultra HD, HDR10 and HGL, coupled with Dolby vision so you know they take user experience very seriously.

5. Incredible Sound Quality

Equipped with DTS Tru Surround sound, the television will give you an immersive experience with the perfect and crisp sound quality. Watching action movies was never this much fun!

6. Built-in Bluetooth 5.0

Want to connect your wireless headphones and enjoy the experience? This television has got that covered as well! The device allows you to connect up to 5 devices, from wireless speakers to headphones or mobile phones, enjoy an experience like no other.

7. Chrome Cast

We all have memories that we want to share with everyone. With the In-built Chrome Cast you can stream anything from your phone directly onto the big screen. With the easy multimedia share not only can you share things from your phone you can also play videos from YouTube directly onto the screen.


Honestly, with the new EcoStar Android television mounted on the wall in your home, you might never feel the need to go out anymore as everything will one button away or one voice command away.

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