TikTok Announces “Live Subscription” Feature: A Great Opportunity for Creators

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Tiktok has announced a new feature titled “ Live Subscription” which allows viewers to subscribe to their favorite creators by paying a certain amount. 

The subscription opens multiple doors for the subscriber and the creator bringing Tiktokers and their fans, closer than ever! 

The feature will be available on Tiktok from 26th May 2022.

Tiktok has shared multiple videos of creators who are a part of the beta program and hence will be available for live subscriptions. 



7 days to go! Join @Adam Blythe to learn about LIVE subscription. #LIVESubs #TikTokLIVE

♬ original sound – TikTok LIVE Creator – TikTok LIVE Creator

Subscription Perks

Once subscribed, the subscriber gets the following perks:

  • Subscriber-only chat
  • Creator-specific emotes
  • Custom stickers
  • Badges

Direct Earning Opportunity for Creators 

Earlier many Tiktokers struggled with sponsorships as a means of earning on Tiktok. Now many will get the chance to earn directly through the monthly payments received from subscribers. 

Tiktokers are expected to receive the following key benefits: 

  • Predictable monthly income
  • Gifts/tips from subscribers

Eligibility for Live Subscription

In order to offer or subscribe to the live subscription feature on Tiktok, one must meet the following criteria:

  • Min 18 years of age
  • Min 1000 followers (to offer live subscription)

Tiktok Live Subscription Similar to Twitch

The new feature is quite similar to what we see on Twitch. Twitch, like Tiktok, is a live streaming service but it focuses on video games. 

According to TechCrunch, the Live Subscription prices will be comparable to that found on Twitch. 
It is believed that the starting price will be $4.99 per month (starting prices can vary based on different levels set by Tiktok).

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