Top Software Houses in Karachi

Top Software Houses in Karachi

The world has seen great, rapid, developments in technology over the last decade.As a relatively new entrant in the IT industry, Pakistan showcases its potential through positive growth trends over the past few years. Now more than ever, the nation’s IT infrastructure relentlessly works towards a sound place in the globalsetup. And the competition is real.

Numerous software houses, local IT vendors and even freelancers have made tireless efforts to contribute towards the country’s booming computer industry. But if you take a look at the early origins of software houses in Pakistan, you will see amajority of them found their humble beginnings in Karachi. As pioneers and trend setters of the early 90’s, they have gained an aptitude for coping with the endless challenges of the ever-evolving industry. Being there from the get-go has made Karachi an epicenter of old and new software houses. Here is a list of the topsoftware houses in Karachi.

Systems Limited

Formed in 1977, Systems Limited is amongst the original software houses of Pakistan. The company does not shy away from innovation with the amount of expertise and experience they have accumulated over the years. Their core proficiency lies in creating digital strategies, conveying thorough business solutions and boosting client performance with the help of BPO professionals.

Systems Limited has managed to successfully execute above 600 projects over the 30 years they have spent providing impeccable state-of-the-art business solutions.Currently, they cater to domestic private organizations in addition to the arrangement of countries, literally, worldwide. Their clientele includes numerous Fortune 500 companies. Needless to say, they have reached a point where international branches would be beneficial, and so have operations in the UK, UAE and US.

TPS Online

Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) Online was brought into existence in 1996 but commenced its remarkably unique journey in 2003 when it combined forceswith the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan. This company is recognizedas the forerunners that have transformed electronic payment infrastructure in Pakistan with exceptional banking and financial solutions. TPS is widely accreditedfor our altering the digital payment landscape in Pakistan. From setting the firstonline inter-bank ATM in motion to present day Branchless Banking and Digital Wallet Solutions TPS has proven its commitment to unceasing innovation.

During their journey they have worked with prominent international and national banking facilities. After advancements such as the Digital Wallet Platform they have also entered into the telecommunication with clients such as Jazz.

10 Pearls

This application development company started out as a simply modest two-man company and has now reached to include over 500 employees in six offices across three countries. They passionately work with a progressive approach to formulate solutions for a variety of industries. Over a period of sixteen years they have carefully composed a team of well-versed individuals that can easily work in Healthcare, Education, Finance, Telecom, Transportation and a few others.


Although it is younger than the aforementioned companies on the list, it does not mean that it has compromised potential. The company started in 2013 and has effectively made its own place in both domestic and foreign markets with cloud security solutions at an enterprise-level. This particular skill has given them the benefit of national monopoly along with a niche segment across international markets.


This company was ranked the third fastest developing Pakistani software solution provider. A small focused group of 80 professionals constitutes the team that delivers services over a multidimensional spectrum. Some of the products that they offer include Mobile-Based Solutions, SEO, BPO, Web Application and Design, however, it is not limited to this at all.


The Resource Group (TRG) Pakistan, is a multi-national outsourcing firm established in 2003. TRG is a global tailored outsourcing solution and proprietary technology provider, with over 1200 employees in Pakistan alone. Their list of clients incorporate many prominent FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 firms. It is recognized in thetop 30 public companies in Pakistan. In the past decade alone it has contributed thelargest equity raising at the Karachi Stock Exchange.


Gaditek promises ‘innovate relentlessly’ and with their 500 and above employees they are doing just that. In the past decade, since their inception, they have conquered seven industries and have partnered with 15 brands.

Avanza Solution

Avanza knows how to lead the marketplace, with more than 20 years of experience,the company has managed to deliver profound services and solutions to an impressive roughly 350 clients stretched over 45 countries. Their extensive line includes products from Channel Banking, Internet and Mobile Banking, Business Automations, Customer Experience, Blockchain Implementation and Cognitive Platform. They have spent two decades perfecting their skills and collecting a team that can help them achieve incomparable service in Software, Business Solution andJoint Product Development in addition to Cloud Services.


Since its launch in 1986, Wavetec has proven its eagerness to display the finest skillset in Customer Experience and Financial Information Display solutions. Wavetec’s sincere customer portfolio, abundant integration tools, and personalized solutions are acknowledged by the industry worldwide.

As a multinational technology establishment it is always on the lookout for ways to remain on top of the technological revolution, and maintains a presence in over 75 countries with its solutions being used by premier companies around the world.


2008 marked the launch of Viftech where its founders envisioned offering their customers the best of creatively innovative Software Development. Their large pool of seasoned analysts, qualified software engineers and developers encourage end-to-end solutions for information technology related services. Currently they are mainly bringing forward their expertise in Data Reconciliation Solutions, Financial Applications-Commerce Solutions, BI Solutions, SharePoint, and Web Design & Development. Viftech is an ambitious firm that is constantly experimenting with a variety of industries such as Banking, Pharmaceutical and Oil & Gas to name a few.

Zepto Systems

With a focus on modern day business needs, Zepto offers customized solutions in today’s cloud-enabled business environment. They work with their customers from constructing IT architecture to recovering unpredicted adversities. In the 12 years after its initial start-up, they have provided ‘360 degree IT services’ to their clients in Mobile App Development, Web Development, Software Development, Infrastructure, Operation Support and Cyber Security. This company wants to always go beyond conventional limits and so have not limited themselves to providing only these services.

Zepto’s portfolio includes an array of industries that they are working for. Among those would be e-commerce, Banking & Finance, Security and Telecom.


Techlogix has been dedicated to providing business solutions that help their clients transform with innovative and budding technologies. Approximately 350 professionals are employed to deliver services in five delivery centers around the world. They want to show IT does not have be taken as just a cost center. Working broadly on mobile native apps, cloud-based platforms, biometric systems and APIs for existing product platforms is what they primarily are known for.

NetSol Technologies

For four decades, NetSol has been all about serving renowned asset finance and leasing companies. They pride themselves in being an ‘Adaptive’ enterprise. Which means they look for and seize every opportunity to progress in the industry as a leader of change. NetSol is a gem in the asset finance and leasing industry of Pakistan with their wealth of knowledge that they continually keep up-to-date. As the first company to present digital transformation and encourage digitization and mobility it is equipped to handle the typical challenges of this fast-paced environment.

Genetech Soultions

This specific company uniquely distinguishes itself from the other software houses in Karachi on this list because it is amongst the few IT companies led by a woman.Gender Diversity is a much needed concept in our society today, Genetech is breaking norms to help women feel at ease breaking in and taking over theindustry. They also pride their matchless cost-effective value in the IT markets ofSouth Asia.