Trade, Not Aid: Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Gives Clear Message to the World

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Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, recently visited Japan and declared his intention to promote diplomatic ties and boost trade between the two countries.

He stated that Pakistan needed trade and not aid.

Addressing an event organized by the Pakistanis living in Tokyo, the Foreign Minister, Bilawal, expressed his joy over the cooperation agreements between Japan and Pakistan.

Pakistan and Japan to Work Together

He added that the two countries have agreed to work together in multiple areas, including trade, investment, IT, tourism, human resource development and exchange, and agriculture sectors.

He further added that the two countries will work together on targeted programs in the domains of solarisation, water purification, desalination, and housing and infrastructure rebuilding in the flood-hit areas in Pakistan.

We Need Trade, Not Aid

During the event, Bilawal emphasized that Pakistan’s foreign policy aimed at trade and not aid.

He labeled the overseas Paki­stanis as an asset who play a vital role to promote bilateral ties between Pakistan and Japan.

Employment for Pakistanis in Japan

Emphasizing the need for better employment, FM Bilawal stated that as Pakistan’s population consists of 65% youth, employment opportunities abroad, like in Japan, can really help boost the country’s economic status.

Additionally, the two countries have agreed to conduct language assessment tests for the Japanese language to facilitate the movement of skilled workers from Pakistan to Japan.

Boost­ing Agricultural Exports

Bhutto-Zardari met with repre­sentatives of the Japan External Trade Orga­nization (JETRO) and Japan Interna­tional Development Agency (JICA) to further explore the poten­tial for trade and investment.

The For­eign Minister added that both countries should work together to benefit from the development of agriculture and livestock.

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