USD to PKR: Daily Updated Rate of Dollar in Pakistan


BlogPakistan Currency Converter is dedicated to providing precise and latest exchange rate information for USD and PKR currencies. No matter if you are a business with international clients or a tourist seeking for the latest exchange rates, our goal is to provide a dependable source of information for foreign exchange transactions to everyone.

Daily Updated Currency Rate of USD to PKR

Quickly convert your desired amount of USD and PKR by using foreign currency converter calculator. Enter your currency amount to see the results.

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Simply type the amount in the box for which you would like to see the conversion rate.



Convert US Dollar to Pakistani Rupee

See the current conversion rates of currency from USD to PKR for various basic units in the table below.

1.00 USD 242.55 PKR
5.00 USD 1212.77 PKR
10.00 USD 2425.55 PKR
50.00 USD 12127.74 PKR
100.00 USD 24255.48 PKR
200.00 USD 48510.96 PKR
500.00 USD 121277.4 PKR
1000.00 USD 242554.81 PKR

If you keep track of the worth of a currency, you’ll find that its value changes over time. Banks and other money transfer businesses are hiding a dirty little secret from the public; they increase the value of your currency by adding hidden markups, charging you extra money without your knowledge. Furthermore, if there is a cost, they charge you twice. With our currency converter, you can convert USD and PKR currencies at the most effective and accurate exchange rates.

How Does the Currency Converter Work?

The currency converter on BlogPakistan will show you how much your money is worth in USD and PKR based on the current exchange rate at the time of conversion. You can convert one currency to another by utilizing the exchange rate between the two currencies, which can be found using our currency converter. An exchange rate of 1 USD to 175 PKR (current rate 1 USD = 175 PKR), for example, means you convert 1 USD to 175 PKR and 175 PKR to 1 USD. It is all about how much one currency is worth in terms of another currency. Use this currency converter to get exact rates in the chosen USD and PKR amounts.

Currency Alerts

Get notified of the daily currency rates of USD and PKR right in your inbox. As the currency markets are always fluctuating, we will watch the market for you! Receive currency alerts on a daily basis.

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