ChatGpt – The AI Bot That Writes Blogs, Develops Codes & Much More!

what is ChatGpt and how to use it

ChatGpt gained 1 Million users in 5 days (Statistica).

That’s the power of this new AI technology!

Launched on November 30th, 2022, ChatGpt has taken the internet like a storm, with millions of people using it from all over the world, causing the site to crash frequently. 

From students to professionals and from writers to developers, people are using it to generate text-based information of all kinds! 

To find out what ChatGpt is all about and how to use it, read till the end! 

What is ChatGpt?


ChatGPT is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered chatbot that answers questions about almost anything. 

You can ask it to write a blog, a poem in Shakespeare style, or a python (programming language) script, and it will give it to you within seconds. It has been developed by the company OpenAI, which you must have heard about!

Experts have trained it on multiple datasets before 2021, so its knowledge of recent events is limited. 

According to CNBC, Microsoft recently announced a multiyear, multibillion-dollar investment with OpenAI. Google is also working on designing a similar system for users just like ChatGpt (Google is facing some serious competition!). 

What Technology Does ChatGpt Use?

ChatGpt is a variant of GPT, which stands for Generative Pre-training Transformer model, an AI model trained on human-generated text to help it generate content like human beings. 

It is based on GPT-3.5 and is optimized for conversational dialogue using Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF) technology. 

With more training on more data, it becomes more powerful and closer to the human mind! 

How to Use ChatGpt – 3 Simple Steps

It’s super easy to use; just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the OpenAI Website.
  2. Sign up (takes 5 mins).
  3. A prompt will open where you can ask questions.

On the left panel, you can see your chat history, from where you can view all the questions you asked and their answers.

You can also download their app to get started on your mobile! 

What Can You do With ChatGpt?

Below are some of the things you can do with ChatGpt. Believe me, there are many more to explore!

  1. Text Generation: Use it to generate text for creative writing, stories, poems, blogs, articles, etc. 
chatgpt for writing
  1. Virtual Assistance/Customer Service: ChatGpt can generate human-like responses against user queries. 
chatgpt for virtual assistance
  1. Generating Ideas/ SEO: You can ask ChatPt to give you ideas about a topic or keywords, and based on how specific you are, it will give you great ideas. 
chatgpt for seo
  1. Learning & Language Understanding: ChatGPT can act as a teacher, helping you understand complex topics easily. You can ask it to explain the entered text or to summarize long text to make it more readable. 
  1. Language Translation & Modelling You can fine-tune ChatGpt to translate text from one language to another. You can also ask ChatGpt to predict the next word in a given sentence. 
  1. Coding & Debugging: You can ask ChatGpt to generate programming scripts after giving it initial information. It can also debug code for you. 
chatgpt for coding
  1. Research: You can use ChatGpt to guide you about a research project, what tools you need, and what path to follow. Try it. You will be amazed!
chatgpt for research

There are many other features of ChatGpt. We encourage you to explore it yourself to see its full potential. 

Train ChatGpt as You Like – The Beta Version

Want to personalize your ChatGpt experience? Visit the Open AI Playground and train the system through various models. 

Play around with different settings and GPT models to help the system give you the exact response you need. 

chatgpt beta playground open AI

What Jobs Might be Replaced by ChatGpt

ChatGpt is currently in the testing phase, and even better versions are expected soon. With better alternatives headed their way, some jobs that are at risk include:

  • Content Creation
  • Entry-level programming jobs
  • Marketing
  • Customer care positions etc.

Regardless, you can use ChatGpt to your advantage and learn from it to improve your skill and efficiency. 

Embracing technology is vital to a successful career in the current digital age! 

The Limitations of ChatGpt

While ChatGPT is no doubt super amazing, it comes with certain limitations, some of which are listed below: 

  • It doesn’t have data on recent events (Data before 2021)
  • It may display misleading information which may seem biased
  • It doesn’t understand highly complex problems requiring intense research
  • It’s designed to avoid giving toxic responses, so it may not answer such questions

AI is the Future. Are You Ready? 

Chatgpt and AI

While there is a lot of skepticism about the idea of AI taking over the world, it also brings with it multiple opportunities. 

From more jobs to automation minimizing human error, there is so much more to AI than meets the eye!

We recommend you try it yourself to speed up your work and play around with the beta version to make the most of ChatGpt! 

Still, confused about ChatGpt? Watch the Video to find out more!

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