What’s Up With Google’s Doodle on Pakistan Elections?


Google is currently displaying a doodle with a Ballot Box and a Pakistani flag, referring to the general elections due in October 2023.

At first sight, it seems a bit absurd, as the elections are a few months away, but on thinking a bit, it serves as a reminder about the much-awaited elections.

The current political crises and the Ex-Prime Minster Imran Khan’s continuous requests for early elections have made the elections a hot topic worldwide.

As a reminder, Google Doodle appeared for users in Pakistan two months before the National Assembly is scheduled to be dissolved.

National Assembly Dissolves on 13th Aug

The National Assembly is set to dissolve on 13 August 2023, and the General Elections will be scheduled less than 60 days following that.

The National Assembly is dissolved after completing its five-year term, according to the constitution, but in case it is dissolved earlier, the elections will be held within 90 days after the dissolution.

Elections to be held “No Later Than 14 Oct”

Regardless of an early dissolution or completing the 5-year term, the elections will be held no later than 14 October 2023.

Running for elections, there are 3 major parties: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PML-N), and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), in addition to a host of other smaller parties.

The provincial and national assembly elections will be held together, as observed in the past elections.

PTI Calling for Early Elections

After his removal from office, the former PM Imran Khan has been calling for early elections. In May, the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the ruling Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and PTI to hold talks and agree on an election date. 

Earlier, PTI had dissolved the legislative assemblies in Punjab and KP in a bid to force the government to call early elections.

With a severe inflationary crisis, the highest since 1957, the country is struggling severely. The elections serve, as a single ray of hope, for better days, for the country and its people.

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