Who is Zaka Ashraf? Meet the New PCB Chairman


Najam Sethi recently took to Twitter to express his concerns over the current uncertainty between the ruling parties and announced his unwillingness to continue as the Chairman of PCB.

He stated that he doesn’t want to be a bone of contention between allied government parties – PPP and PNLN – and that instability and uncertainty are not good for the Pakistan Cricket Board.

Zaka Ashraf’s Appointment as Chairman

Speaking on Zaka Ashraf as the potential PCB Chairman, Najam Sethi stated that he is content with the decision and that he is ready to leave his seat.

The PCB chairman’s appointment has lately become a tussle between the two parties.

PPP intends to appoint former PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf, while the PML-N wants Sethi to remain in his position.

About Zaka Ashraf

Zaka Ashraf will become the PCB Chairman for the 3rd time after Najam Sethi’s resignation. He was appointed as chairman in 2011 for the first time during the PPP rule. He was removed from office in 2013 but was re-appointed in 2014.

He shares close ties with the PPP party, especially with Asif Ali Zardari. Although he has no official links with the game, has had extensive corporate experience and has served as the President of Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) and the chairman of the Asian Cricket Council.

Zaka Ashraf has been lauded for his work on international cricket and the resumption of Bilateral Cricketing ties with India.

Under his supervision, the Pakistani team played a short series in India in Dec 2012. 

Utilize Najam Sethi Elsewhere – PPP

The reason behind the PPP’s insistence on appointing Zaka Ashraf as the new Chairman stems from the fact that the PPPs minister heads the Inter-Provincial Coordination Division.

As PCB is related to the ministry, the chairman should be appointed by the PPP for that reason (as per PPP leaders).

In an interview with Geo News in Dera Ismail Khan, PPP leader Faisal Karim Kundi stated that the government should look for other areas to utilize the skills of Chairman Najam Sethi.

He openly declared that the PPP has the right to appoint the Chairman.

Instability and Uncertainty Within PCB

Najam Sethi stated that he doesn’t want to get involved in any political mess. He cleared the matter by stating that the decision depends on the patron and that he would accept any decision taken by PM Shehbaz Sharif.

It is worth noting that the PM is the PCB’s patron-in-chief.

Commenting on the General Elections 2023, he stated that the PCB’s responsibility was to restore the 2014 constitution and that they are ready for elections with departmental and regional representatives on board.

Najam Sethi added that they are waiting for two nominees and will be announcing the election afterward.

Amid political uncertainty, Najam Sethi’s resignation is a hard blow to cricket fans. Many took to Twitter to express their concern over the matter, while many expressed relief.

Najam Sethi's Resignation
Najam Sethi's Resignation

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